Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lovely Fall

I know I complain an awful lot about fall and how much I dread it. But really, it's not fall that I dread, it's the winter that follows. I'm sorry, Fall. That's really unfair to you.

But not to worry, every year fall takes some time to remind me just how lovely it really can be.

Eric and I had a great fall weekend this past weekend. We started things off with a trip to Times Square on Saturday, to see a big Mario Bros. event they had set up. (Okay, that has nothing to do with fall, but let's just roll with it.) They were giving out free ears and tails and had a big course you could go through, just like you were in the game. Of course, it was insanely crowded (duh, it's Times Square) and the line to go through the course was probably a solid two-hour wait. So, we snapped a couple of photos and moved on with our lives.

Super Mario 3D Land setup in Times Square

A peek at one end of the course

From there we walked over to Bryant Park, which is already switched over for the cold-weather months: the grassy lawn has been replaced by the ice-skating rink, and the holiday shops are already lining the walkways. Eric and I did some browsing in the shops, which is something I enjoy every year. Bryant Park is definitely my favorite park, year-round.

Happy Bryant Park skaters

I loved the little "dinosaur kid" (it's a mannequin, don't be fooled like I was) set up in front of that shop!

On Sunday, Eric and I went back into the city to Central Park to wander around and check out some fall foliage. We were not disappointed.

Wow! Now that's colorful!

Hanging out by the bridge

Fall colors around the Wollman Rink (yes, ALL of the skating rinks are operational by now!)

Bethesda Fountain

Baby's first fall, of sorts?

Hansom cab passing through the park

Not only did we just admire the foliage on foot, but we also crossed off yet another item on our NYC To-Do List: Rent boats from the Boathouse in Central Park. It was such a lovely afternoon, and we knew that this was probably our last chance until next spring - and frankly, I don't know how I feel about juggling an infant on a rowboat, so this seemed like a better time. There was no wait, the price was reasonable and we had the cash with us, so we went for it. We rented our boat for an hour, and Eric did all the rowing (because he's awesome), allowing me to just take in the gorgeous surroundings. It was a perfect fall afternoon activity. Just perfect.

Rowing our boat in Central Park

I mean, honestly. Those colors are insane.

Enjoying a lovely boat ride

As you can tell by the canoodling couple in this shot, it was rather romantic.

Pretty, pretty

Such a great way to spend the afternoon together!

It was really a perfect fall weekend. As always, I loved every second of my one-on-one time with Eric, too - I'm really trying to treasure days like this as I know they are numbered. Of course I am overjoyed and oh-so-excited to start having "family days" with the little one, but it's been just Eric and me for so long, I want to make sure I take advantage of all the "just the two of us" time we have left.

And Fall, I'm sorry I'm mad at you every year when you start to show up. You're really not all that bad.


moderndaywife said...

What a nice fall you guys have! Love all the pictures of you in the park with your baby bump soooo adorable :-)

Jessica said...

I love your pictures! I have a picture of that bridge from our trip, only it's very green (although I think I like it better with the autumn leaves). I don't blame you for not loving fall. I would never be able to last in the cold and snow

Dad said...

It looks perfect!

Krystal said...

I'm pretty sure I would've waited ALL DAY to play in the Mario land! Question - how do you take pictures together if it's just the two of you? We have the SLR but I never break it out because I feel awkward asking a stranger! But -- I NEED a Christmas picture and will have to break down and get someone to take it for us.

Jessica Renee said...

Awww your pictures are so so pretty!! Fall looks absolutely gorgeous there! And you and hubby look so happy - I love that y'all are really focusing on the "just us" time :)

KSK said...

:) Awe! What a perfect day!