Monday, October 17, 2011

Where I've Been

It has been pretty quiet around here for the last week or so, hasn't it? Please excuse my absence, and let me fill you in on what has been happening (well, what little of it there is, anyway).

What has been primarily responsible for stealing my time and my energy is a head cold to end all head colds. Yes, I say that every time I get sick. I'm dramatic like that. But this time, my dramatics coupled with strict "what medicine can I take" restrictions thanks to Baby W. made things rather rough. I spent all last weekend in bed and stayed home from work on Monday and Tuesday to try to get my life back together. I'm feeling much better now, with the exception of a nagging cough that will probably stay with me until the end of time, but last weekend I would have sold my soul for some Nyquil. Alas, no Nyquil for the pregnant lady. Natural remedies are nice and all, but sometimes you just want the GOOD stuff, you know?

When I did finally get back to work last week, it was a fairly quiet week, which was good for my sickly self. I was supposed to see a Broadway show with work people on Thursday night, but I bailed on that because I didn't want to be out so late while I was still recovering. I'll catch a show next time!

This weekend was a pretty nice weekend - cool, but sunny. Eric and I did some shopping, ran some errands, and saw a movie (Ides of March...I do love me some Ryan Gosling). Of course, just as the movie was starting, the fire alarm in the mall started going off and we had to evacuate. WHAT IS WITH ME AND FIRE ALARMS? And this is not the first time we have been fire-alarm-ed out of a movie, either. Back when we were living in Gainesville (oh college, how I miss you) we saw Old School in the theater and the fire alarm went off during the last 10 minutes of the movie, so I just never saw the end of the movie until it came out on DVD. At least this time we were back in the theater in about 15 minutes and got to watch our movie. But really...come on now, fire alarms. It's not really funny anymore.

The only really BIG NEWS from the past week and a half or so is that Eric and I finally joined the wonderful world of iPhone-owners! We got up and went to our local Sprint store at 7:00 a.m. on Friday (only an hour before they opened) and were able to snag an iPhone 4S for each of us. Let me tell you, I am in love. This phone rocks my socks. I'm a Mac girl, so it's not like I'm surprised, but I was so, so happy to bid farewell to my crappy Blackberry.

The best part about my new iPhone? Siri. Have you heard about this? Siri is the new voice-controlled "personal assistant" that lives in my phone, and Siri is awesome. She is very helpful. For example, I can just talk into my phone and tell Siri, "remind me to pay bills tomorrow." And then when tomorrow comes, a little reminder pops up. Or I can tell Siri, "call my sister," and Siri says, "Okay, calling Heather." SIRI KNOWS.

Plus, Siri is funny. That electronic voice has quite a little attitude and sense of humor on her. For example, Eric asked her what she wants to be when she grows up and she replied, "I try to be happy with where I am in life." I told her I love her, and she replied, "You are the wind beneath my wings, Meghan." You see?! Of course, there are tons of places online to find examples of things Siri has said to iPhone owners, including a blog entitled "S&*# That Siri Says." Take a look at some examples I took from that blog, although I have gotten my Siri to say some of these to me, too:

These two are a couple of the first ones I tried on my own iPhone (after being inspired by this blog), and found them to be awesome.

Two examples of why Siri is just my kind of girl. I haven't gotten her to say these exact things to me yet (she has a number of different responses to the "meaning of life" question), but I can tell she gets me.

This was probably my favorite. Seriously, my phone will do an Abbot and Costello routine with me. How fun is that?!

So, this is how we have been filling our time while I have not been blogging. We'll see if I can tear myself away from Siri fun long enough to come up with something else to write about this week! I'm not holding my breath, though.


moderndaywife said...

That Iphone thing sounds really awesome, almost makes me want to get one :-)

Molly said...

I love the chocolate answer! That is too funny, I didn't know about Siri.

KSK said...

LOL! I read this post last night, but started playing with Siri, and forgot to comment!
I thought Siri was kind of dumb... but I loved it because Jerk Face was jealous of it... and now I love it too! :)

*I think I'm going to steal this idea a little and post some things that I've asked Siri! :)