Friday, October 28, 2011

How Much Do I Love My Husband?

That is the question.

Yes, I know I am forever going on and on about how much I adore my husband, how awesome he is, how lucky I am to have him, blah blah blah. But tomorrow, I may have to put my money where my mouth is.

Tomorrow morning Eric, along with friends Jeff and Dave, will be running the NYC Urbanathlon. Now, this is a terrible-sounding race taking place in Queens (strike one). It is a 10-mile run (strike two) that involves a variety of different obstacles (strike three...I'm out). The guys will be running it as a relay, with Eric on the last leg. Leg 3 will consist of a 3.3 mile run, plus the following obstacles:

  • Traffic cones with poles and pallet walls combo (climbing over cones and pallets)
  • Stair climb at Arthur Ashe Stadium
  • Stair climb at Citi Field
  • Taxis and buses (to climb over) to a chain link crawl (under, obviously) to the wall finish (over)

Some of the obstacles Jeff and Dave will encounter will include climbing over police barricades, a tire field, crawling under cargo nets, crawling under Jeeps, getting over Marine hurdles, parallel bars and monkey bars (no touching the ground!).

This all sounds terrible, right? Certainly not something I would want to participate in, but hey, I'm a loving wife so of course I happily volunteered to go watch and take pictures.

But then, it gets worse. When I woke up this morning and checked the weather for tomorrow, this is what I saw:

Suffice it to say, Saturday's forecast does not please me. At the beginning of this week, they were predicting a high in the low 50s and sun. Chilly, sure, but I can handle that. However, I am NOT OKAY with rain, snow and wind and a high of 43, which means that at the crack of dawn when we get out to Queens (see above, re: strike one), it will be approximately not nearly enough degrees. And I can't even touch on the whole "snow" thing or I may start weeping right here at my desk.

So. Back to the question at hand. How much do I love my husband, and/or how binding was my offer to go watch and take pictures? Sure, he's the one who will have to be crawling under and over things in this weather, and that sounds brutal, but do I really have to sit in the rain, snow and cold to spectate? I took wedding vows, sure, but I am no postman - there was nothing in those vows about "neither snow nor rain nor whatever" keeping me from my duties. This is a pickle.

Of course, Dave's fiancee will be there come snow or rain or what have you (can you tell they're not married yet? Ha!), so it will probably look pretty bad if I back out. So, I will bundle up in layers and rain boots and umbrellas and hats and the whole nine yards, and cheer for Eric and friends. Let's go, guys! You can do it! Woohoo!

But please, as you are all sleeping in, all snug and warm in your cozy beds at dawn tomorrow, at least feel a little sorry for me, will you?


Jessica Renee said...

GO hubby! If I was even remotely in shape, that would sound like a lot of fun! :p

and if I were you, I'd want to show up the fiancee so you have GOT to be there..come hell or high water. lol! Seriously though, just bundle up, take some decaf with you to keep ya warm and it'll be great!

moderndaywife said...

Eric is a super athletical guy! I would go and support him but only for a little bit haha. I am a baby when it comes to cold weather, can't even IMAGINE snow lol!

Jennifer B said...

Ew. I ran in 40 degree weather for a 5k. 40 degrees for this Florida gal is insanity and I was freezing my tush off. Stay warm! Better yet, make him buy you a portable heater. Tell him the baby needs it haha

Anonymous said...

I'd tell him its not good for the baby to be out in that kind of weather! hee hee!
Aunt RAchel

Dad said...

I'll turn on the AC here for you. How is that for a loving father??

WhisperingWriter said...

I hope it went well! I saw NYC was getting snow :/

KSK said...

That almost sounded like fun. An then you threw in everything about the running and stuff...

I hope it went well and the weather guy got it wrong!!!