Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Favorites in Action

I just thought I would post a quick update about how I am handling fall. I know you all have been super worried about me since my meltdown over the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink, but really, I've been doing okay. The weather is cooling down quite a bit, all the city ice rinks are operational, the shops in Bryant Park will be open by this weekend, and the big Christmas tree has even gone up on the front of Radio City. Yet, I'm coping surprisingly well. Yesterday I even watched The Nutcracker on TV. I'm giving in to the holiday spirit, people.

I think my resolution to focus on what I do like about fall has been paying off. Want to see some of my cool weather favorites in action?

First, Gator football. Okay, so that has been sort of a letdown this year, but hey, it's a rebuilding year. And this week we're coming off an overtime victory against Georgia on Saturday so I'm feeling pretty positive at the moment. Eric and I went to Gin Mill to watch the game with the rest of the Gotham Gators, which is always a good time. It's so fun to be in an atmosphere with fellow Gators, doing all the chants and cheers. We even made noise while the Bulldogs were on offense...because you know, that makes a big difference all the way from New York. Totally.

At Gin Mill this past Saturday. You may recognize this as our Halloween picture, sans masks!

VIDEO: Gotham Gators singing the fight song after a touchdown

It was fitting that this tense overtime game was during Halloween weekend (as it always is), because I watch close Gator games in much the same way as I watch horror movies - with my hands over my eyes, just barely peeking through my fingers. I just can't handle it.

Another thing I mentioned that I like about fall is hot apple cider. Well, Eric and I polished off a nice half gallon of cider spiked with brandy this weekend while we carved our pumpkins. Yeah, buddy.

Stirring up some spiked cider (pardon the messy counter in the background)

Another thing I love? Boots. I have finally brought my boots out of their summer hibernation. I'm still trying to wear flats (a/k/a shoes that leave my feet somewhat exposed) when I can before the weather gets too cold, but I am excited to see my boots again.

My boots on their inaugural 2010 outing, at Queens County Farm last month

On a related note, another thing I love about cooler weather that wasn't directly mentioned in my "things I love" post is coats. Granted, I get pretty sick and tired of wearing them by late January, but as the weather starts to cool down I do love coats. I have about a million coats, and I love buying new coats. Do they have rehab for coat-buyers? I might need it. This year, I have already bought two new ones: a nice warm navy blue one from Express, and a lightweight purple trench from Target. I'm trying to control myself but if I had my way, I would not be done yet. (In my defense though, when I spend all winter walking around the city, my coat is the only thing people see - it's like my "outfit." You wouldn't expect a girl to go a whole season with just one or two outfits, would you?)

My new Express coat

My new purple trench from Target

(Also in my defense, I only buy coats if they're on sale. So at least I'm a financially savvy coat addict.)

Another thing that I love about cooler weather that I failed to mention before is that Achilles gets really cuddly and cute as it gets chilly in our apartment. He has a knack for finding soft, warm spots to lay - usually on a pile of blankets, or cuddled up as close to a person as he can get. It's very sweet. Also, as he is getting up there in years, he seems to have forgotten how to keep his tongue in his mouth, so that's fun, too.

A look at fall Achilles, clockwise from top left: cuddled in blankets with his tongue out; snuggled up against a pillow; sprawled out among blankets on the couch; and climbing up on me, demanding attention.

And of course, I can't not mention the changing leaves. While Eric was in Florida, Achilles and I went for a nice long walk in Central Park to check out the fall foliage. It was so beautiful, we took Eric back with us again this past weekend. I have a whole post about the gorgeous scenery coming up later this week (so stay tuned!) but here are a couple of teaser pictures for you:

 The Pond

Family photo under a random tree

Beautiful, no?

So really, I'm doing okay with this changing seasons thing. I'm hanging in there. For now. We'll talk again in February, I'm sure.

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