Thursday, November 4, 2010

Megamind Premiere

Yesterday, through the magic of Twitter, I caught wind of the fact that Brad Pitt was going to be making an appearance just blocks from my apartment, at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater (our usual theater!) for the NYC Megamind Premiere. You know by now how Eric and I enjoy the art of celebrity "stalking," and we've been looking to add more A-listers to our celebrity sighting list, so we figured we would check it out. Eric met me there right after he left work, and we kept our eyes on the blue carpet as best we could.

Blue carpet set up at the theater

A peak down the blue carpet - photographers and reporters on the left

And...success! It was sort of a mess of people (much less organized than premieres at the Ziegfeld), but we were able to spot three stars of the show (Tina Fey, Ben Stiller, and the even-more-gorgeous-in-person Brad Pitt), and some other celebrity attendees (Stephen Baldwin, Rachel Dratch, and we're told some guy from One Tree Hill, but I don't watch that show so I had no idea who he was). We were able to see both Brad and Ben twice: both coming and going. Ben Stiller actually left shortly after the movie began, because he had to get to the set of his next movie, Tower Heist (which we have already seen filming around town). Brad left after the movie, with sons Pax and Maddox in tow. So cute!

Tina Fey arriving at the premiere - she stopped to sign a few autographs for fans

Brad arriving at the blue carpet

Stephen Baldwin coming in the back entrance

Ben Stiller sneaking out the back, to go back to work on his next movie

Also, while we were waiting for all these various people, we met a real life celebrity stalker. Sure, Eric and I joke that we "stalk" celebrities. But I wouldn't really call it stalking - we just go to where we know various celebs might be and see if we can sneak a peek. Okay, maybe that sounds like stalking a little...but not compared to what this girl does. She was a bona fide Tina Fey stalker. To start, she drove four hours to New York to follow her around the city all day: on a morning show, on Letterman, and at the premiere. Okay, that's a little weird, but if she's a big fan and this is her one chance to see Tina, maybe it's okay? Well, no. She also said she has seen Tina tons of times, has tons of photos with her, tons of autographs, etc. She also bought tickets to some thing in DC next week, where Tina will be receiving an award, and will be driving down for that. She kept saying things like "oh, Tina knows me" (prompting me to think "yes, because of the RESTRAINING ORDER") and "Tina never says no to me." To further prove my point that this girl was a little crazycakes, she DIDN'T CARE ABOUT SEEING BRAD PITT - only Tina Fey. I mean, I love Tina Fey as much as the next girl. But DUDE! It's Brad Pitt. Let's get our priorities in order.

But, it stands to reason that with all our "stalking," sooner or later we were bound to run in to an actual, literal stalker. So, check that one off the list!

The only bummer of the night was that we didn't get a chance to actually see the movie. The last couple of times we staked out movie premieres at the Ziegfeld, they have given away any tickets to the show that weren't picked up by the time the movie started. We haven't had a chance to take advantage of that yet, so we were really hoping they would do that again at this premiere. Sadly, no such luck. No movie for us. Still a fun evening, though!

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