Friday, January 8, 2010

Dragging out the Holiday Fun

This year I was really able to milk Christmas for all it's worth and stretch out the fun holiday activities, not only by an extended stay in Cleveland, but also by ice skating at Rockefeller Center this past Monday! Although, technically all of these activities fall within the 12 Days of Christmas, so I guess it's not that outrageous.

We have been wanting to skate at Rockefeller Center for some time, but it's just so crowded and overrun with tourists before the holidays, it didn't even sound fun. The rink is actually open for quite some time (until April, I believe), and the price of admission does go down quite a bit after the holidays, does the Christmas tree. And really, isn't that the whole fun of skating at Rockefeller Center?

Thankfully, Rockefeller Center leaves their tree up until Epiphany, just like we do. So, after returning from Cleveland, I still had a few days to get in my skating before the tree was taken down. Unfortunately, Eric was really busy at work so couldn't make it, but Amanda and I went on Monday afternoon. We had a great time, and I didn't even fall once! That is big for me considering that I am permanently nervous when ice skating, thanks to a broken wrist after ice skating at my going-away party with my friends before my family moved to Florida when I was 12 years old. Having to sit out with your arm on ice while the rest of your friends danced around with flashlights to rockin' '90s music at your slumber party is enough to keep anyone out of an ice rink for life, don't you think?

But this time, no falling. Although every time I started to get slightly confident in my skating skills I would stumble a bit, which served as a good reminder to BE CAREFUL. But I never went down! Victory! And, I really enjoyed the outdoor skating, which I had never done before.

A few photos of the event:

Up close and personal with Prometheus

The tree, as seen from the ice

Look at me go!
(I should note that Eric thought my arms were extended because I was trying to mimic Prometheus. This is not the case. The arms are purely balance-focused. I'm not that fancy.)

On the ice with Amanda

We had a great time! But, unfortunately, now I think Christmas is really over. What a bummer. It's no longer the fun holiday season, where the weather is cold and snowy but it's okay because it's festive. Now it's just cold and snowy. For no reason. And for many, many more months. I am not okay with this. Come back, Christmas!

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Becky said...

So, are you already as sick of winter as I am? And this is coming from someone who lives in Florida!! Never in 15 years has winter been like this...