Thursday, July 2, 2009

Send Error Report?

Just wanted to share a little something funny with you. We saw this on the big CNN news screen in Times Square after the Thriller flash "mob" on Saturday:

CNN screen in Times Square. Everyone was stopping to take pictures of it - do you see why?

Oh no! The screen seems to be boycotting playing the news feed in favor of an error message. Here, take a closer look:

"D3Player.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience...Please tell Microsoft about this problem."

That's the biggest error message I've ever seen. I guess even computers in Times Square get errors. I could also turn this into a conversation about how Macs are far superior to PCs, but I'll spare you that one. Instead, we'll just all have a chuckle at CNN's expense.

Is everybody ready for the weekend? Eric has the day off from work tomorrow (hooray!), so I'm looking forward to the long weekend, especially Saturday. I love the Fourth of July!


Dad said...

So what's the plan for the long weekend??

Anonymous said...

That is so funny, and was well worth you stopping to take the picture!!! Happy 4th!

Thor Lancaster said...

They should just run it with a Raspberry Pi. Come on CNN, I thought you were better than that.