Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Final Hotel

We have now left St. Andrews and arrived in Edinburgh, which means we have finally settled in to our last hotel of the trip. We're pretty excited to not have to pack up and move again until it's time to go home!

We had a great day of sightseeing in St. Andrews before we left, and were sad to leave already! We both just fell in love with that town. And yes, Eric was able to play the Old Course! Details coming when we return.

Eric and me on the famous Swilcan Bridge on the Old Course in St. Andrews, with the Royal & Ancient Golf Club behind us (on the left)

We have a really busy few days coming up, with lots of sightseeing to do in Edinburgh, a definite day trip (and another round of golf for Eric) to North Berwick on Thursday, and a possible day trip to Stirling on Friday. Thankfully, we're not too worn out yet!

(Posted at 12:34 a.m. Edinburgh time)

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Dad said...

Have fun you guys! I am so jealous. Make sure you check out some of the small shops on the Royal Mile. I think there is a bagpipe one there as well so you can try to play the pipes (at least the chanter). I dare ya!