Saturday, July 18, 2009

And Just Like That, It's Over

We are back in the U.S.A.! Hard to believe our trip is over already. We had such an incredible time, I don't even know where to begin describing it all. What an experience.

It is nice to be back home, especially to see little Achilles again! He seems to be a little tired, but otherwise in excellent spirits. When we arrived at the kennel to pick him up, we could see him jumping and playing in a room with other dogs, and then when they brought him out to us he did his usual jumping/yapping/general excitement display. As promised, we took him to Shake Shack for a Poochini (vanilla custard, peanut butter and dog biscuits) then for a quick romp in the Natural History Museum's dog run. Now he is passed out on one of his favorite pillows. I think he's happy to be back home!

Chowing down on his Poochini - he LOVED it! And yes, it is all over his head. He received a bath immediately when we got home.

Achilles with his Poochini and me with my Upper West Slide

So, now that we are back the full trip recapping can begin. I will just warn you that a blog posting extravaganza of epic proportions is about to commence. So, a couple of administrative things before we get things started tomorrow (hopefully)...

1) I'm going to be splitting my recaps up into many posts, probably by day or city, depending on how things go. I'm going to be posting pretty frequently (I'm hoping for one recap each day this week), so check back regularly if you're interested. A week from Monday my friend Megan is coming to visit (yay!), which officially kicks off our SUPER DUPER BUSY August, so I'm kind of on a time crunch. So you'll be getting lots of info in a short amount of time!

2) I realize that often people's vacation photos and stories are not as interesting to others as they are to the ones who actually took the vacation. I don't flatter myself to think that all of you are interested in every little detail of our trip. BUT, my plan of journaling each day while we were away fell by the wayside, so this is going to serve as my own personal journal of our travels as well. So while I AM excited to share this with you, a lot of my recap is for my own personal memory. Please feel free to skip and/or read whatever interests you - I promise I will not take offense!

3) Pictures. Man, did we take a lot of pictures. Like, nearly 2,000 pictures. I'm going to start the daunting task of cutting them down, of course, and at the end of this we will NOT have 2,000 pictures. And I certainly will not post anywhere near that many on here! I will try to limit the pictures I post here to just my very favorites or the ones that best complement my narrative. However, if you are interested in seeing the full (edited) collection of our photos, I have started a photoshare website at (same address as the blog address, just with "shutterfly" in place of "blogspot"). I will be uploading our full collection there, and you are free to check it out if you want to see more. Don't worry, I'll remind you about it periodically through my recaps as I get the pictures uploaded there.

Okay, I think that's it! I'll be back soon to get this show on the road! For now, I'm off to catch up on life and try to keep myself awake to get adjusted back to this time zone...

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