Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dear Ellie!

So, our Ellie is four! Can you believe that? The time has flown.

We're back into routine now after a really nice, long spring break, which concluded with Ellie's birthday celebration. It made a great ending to a memorable vacation!

On Monday, the day before Ellie's actual birthday, we went to a special Mermaid Bounce at Pump It Up, a play space with all sorts of inflatables for the kids to play in. The Mermaid Bounce included a visit from Ariel herself, plus snacks and mermaid crafts. When I saw they were having this event the day before Ellie's birthday, I thought it was a perfect fun birthday-esque activity, especially considering that Ellie originally wanted a Little Mermaid birthday party this year, before the Star Wars obsession took hold. So, she still sort of got it! And the kids had a great time! E.J. doesn't love the inflatables so much (surprisingly), but both kids had a great time playing. The cupcakes were an especially big hit!

Ready to bounce, mermaid-style!

Ellie and Ariel!

Making seashell necklaces and hair pins

Both kids loved this thing!

After bouncing we went out for lunch at Arby's, which is Ellie's favorite! She also got to open her birthday present from Grammy (a new princess castle) when we got home. Then, that evening we baked and decorated the birthday cupcakes she would take to school the next day. At her request, we had very pink cupcakes: pink velvet cake with pink frosting and pink sprinkles, topped with pink and purple candy tiaras and served with princess napkins. I wonder if anyone could guess Ellie's favorite color?

You might have a daughter when...

On Ellie's actual birthday, Eric was back at work so I woke her for school on my own, by singing Happy Birthday as soon as I walked into her room. She was quite tickled by that! She got dressed in her special birthday outfit (complete with pink tiara, naturally) and was ready for school.

Big four-year-old!

From what I gather, her school celebration went well. She loved the cupcakes, and she was given a special crown to wear and was allowed to choose a toy from a prize box (she chose a small Anna doll that she and E.J. have fought over ever since, so yay for that).

Sign outside Ellie's classroom!

That afternoon, while Ellie "napped" (read: played with her princess castle in her room), I decorated the dining room for a mini princess party that evening. I did pause to interrupt her "nap" right at her birth minute, so I could give her a kiss and take a picture!

3:27 p.m. on March 29, 2016: Ellie is exactly four years old!

Then I resumed my decorating/cake making, so that when Ellie came out of her room, this is what she saw:

Princess party!

Goodies on the table

Birthday cake!

We got right down to party business!

Party girl!

You really have to be prepared for princess parties to turn violet at the drop of a hat.

First things first, Ellie wanted to open her presents. She got a new Rapunzel dress and shoes, plus Star Wars Crocs.

I also conducted Ellie's first birthday interview! My plan is to do one of these every year (for as long as she'll cooperate, anyway).

Ellie at age four

Then, we had Ellie's favorite dinner: ziti with meatballs.

Birthday dinner!

After dinner, we sang Happy Birthday and she blew out her four candles!

VIDEO: Ellie's 4th birthday cake!

Make a wish, Ellie!

Dig right in, you party animal!

And that was Ellie's fourth birthday celebration! Happy birthday, Ellie!

We love our girl!

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