Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Astronaut Ellie

Ellie has been telling us for some time now that she wants to be an astronaut. I love hearing her say that and I hope it comes true! Either way, I'm proud of her for dreaming big.

Thanks to some great birthday gifts, Ellie is a little closer to walking the walk instead of just talking the talk:

Well, maybe not really, but she looks the part, at least! And she has spent every naptime since we got back from her party weekend (which went super well, by the way) sleeping in her rocketship tent. We're also tentatively planning a visit to Kennedy Space Center over spring break so Ellie can see some real rocketships up close. We may even watch a launch, though I'm a little nervous it will scare her and the astronaut dream will die just that quickly. Ha!

All this also reminds me of a conversation I had with Ellie the other day that I wanted to be sure to document. Now, I know that when people type out conversations with their kids, it never comes across as funny to the general public as it does to the parents. I understand that going in. But I'm going to do it anyway.

We were leaving my moms' group (I've been going to a moms' group three times a month, during which time the kids go to various childcare rooms on their own), and we had this conversation:
Ellie: "Mama, when I get bigger, I can come be in your class with you! And EJ can, too!" 
Me: "Well, you could, but not EJ. My class is just for moms, and EJ can't be a mom. He can be a daddy, and you can be a mom." 
Ellie: "I'm not gonna be a mom! I'm gonna be an ASTRONAUT!" 
Me: "You can be whatever you want to be. If you want to be a mom, you can be a mom. If you want to be an astronaut, you can be an astronaut. If you want to be both, you can be both." 
Ellie: "I can't be a mom. I don't have milk!" 
Me: "Well, not right now, but if you become a mom, your body will give you milk to feed your baby." 
Ellie: "You mean I will have round things on my tummy that have milk for the baby?" 
Me: "That's right, if you become a mom you will have everything you need." 
Ellie: "But I'm going to be an astronaut." 
Me: "I would be very, very proud of you if you were an astronaut." 
Ellie: "But flying by the sun would be very, very hot." 
Me: "Well, maybe just don't fly to the sun." 
Ellie: "It's okay, Mama. I'll be safe in my rocketship. You don't have to worry."
I just love that kid to the moon and back.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the conversation with Ellie. Kids do say the funniest things! Its great to document them too! I love how they can change from one subject to the next so quickly too!
Aunt Rachel