Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Rest of January

I have already shared a few notable events from our January, but I thought a quick look back at the rest of the month was in order. We've stayed busy, mostly just enjoying our little family!

The kids have been as cute (and loving with each other) as ever.

Morning silliness in Ellie's bed

I had some work from New York that kept me pretty occupied for a while. It also killed any semblance of a "post-holiday healthy eating" plan I may have had, because I'm a work-snacker. Pretzel M&M's are my treat of choice, but chilly temps and a little leftover holiday cheer led me down a hot chocolate path once or twice. But I mean, reviewing juror questionnaires is just a little less tedious with some sort of chocolate involved.

My hot chocolate, and a bonus: my "vintage" desk nameplate, handmade by a rather young yours truly in the old basement cubby "clubhouse" my cousin, sister and I once frequented

And a big thanks to Eric for taking the lead with the kids so I could get all my work done as efficiently as possible!

Fun at the park!

Ellie has been working hard in her kitchen...

Making breakfast

...and has been wearing her Anna dress basically nonstop. Seriously, the first sentence out of her mouth every morning is, "Can I wear my Anna dress, Mama?"

She loves it so much.

E.J. rocked some amazing sweaters, courtesy of cousin Santiago's hand-me-downs.

I can't.


We started potty training Ellie, or at least trying to. We've sort of plateaued now. (Actually, that's putting it lightly. We've all but shelved the idea for a while, because—did you know?—two-year-olds can be rather stubborn.)

It started off well, at least!

E.J. had a well visit with the doctor, and got a couple more shots...

Poor little legs with tiny band-aids!

...which clearly ruined his whole day.

I wish he would cheer up already.

Achilles has been doing his best to make his peace with E.J.'s ever-increasing mobility...

Achilles gets goosed in three...two...one...

...as has E.J. himself, when said mobility landed him in baby jail. (It's for his own safety, when I leave the room!)

I think he's missing life on the outside.

When E.J. is given the freedom to roam, he generally has two main destinations in mind: the dog dish (because naturally kibble is a fine snack choice whereas people food is repulsive) and Ellie's room, a/k/a TOY JACKPOT.

A little dollhouse action while Ellie's not looking

My dad got us a membership to the Museum of Science and History for Christmas, and we checked it out for the first time in January, on a particularly rainy morning. I was feeling a bit supermom-y and strapped E.J. into his carrier, threw Ellie in the stroller with her own umbrella, and pushed her one-handed while carrying my own umbrella over E.J. and myself and walked us all out there. HEAR ME ROAR. (Also, the museum was fun!)

Ellie up in the big tree in the children's play area

My mom came to visit (and helped out a good bit while I was sick with a cold), and we took the kids to see Anna, Elsa and Olaf at the mall. Only one kid chose to be in the the picture, because toddlers are mystic beings.

I have to admit, the photos I take with "celebrities" have really changed a bit since having kids and leaving New York.

One night we had a lot of fun with my woven wrap, when I tied it up to Ellie's bed for her to use as a hammock. It then ended up wrapped around her head as perfect Rapunzel hair!

A little hammock reading

Rapunzel, brushing and brushing and brushing her hair

I wrapped Ellie up for the first time, too, just for kicks! She liked it!

We also spent some lovely weather days at the playground (and E.J. started riding in the stroller big-boy-style!).

A couple of big kids, ready to go to the park!

Blanket cuddles

Fun with my sweethearts!

And that was January! Now to catch up on February!

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