Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Dog is Uproariously Funny

...That is, at least, if you are a 7.5-month-old baby.

Friday night I was trying a new creative technique to trick E.J. into allowing a spoonful of food into his mouth, because yes, that is still happening. Once again I turned to the dark side for guidance, and realized that if I make my relentlessly happy baby laugh (not exactly a tall task), he'll open his mouth and I can shovel a little food in there. His eating has improved in that the full-body shudders have lessened and he'll usually keep the food in his mouth (and swallow it!!!!) if I can get it in there, but getting it in there is still quite a feat.

So. I was pulling out all my best goofy faces and noises and dance moves to get the kid to giggle, and then he spotted Achilles and his face lit up. He's super into the dog right now. He was smiling just watching Achilles sitting there so I thought, huh, I could enlist the dog's help and he could finally earn his keep around here a little bit. So I asked Achilles to speak. And OMG. What happened next was amazing. Achilles barked, and E.J. got hysterical. I have never heard a baby laugh quite like that. It was the funniest thing, and I was able to capture it on video. I have rewatched this video no fewer than 20 times and I still laugh every single time:

VIDEO: E.J.'s amazing laugh!
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Watching this video triggered my memory and I dug back through my archives for a video of Ellie laughing at Achilles when she was a baby. As it turns out, the video of her was taken when she was almost exactly the age E.J. is now (she was maybe a week older):

VIDEO: Ellie laughs at Achilles, too!
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Also hilarious and heartwarming!

So apparently, if you are nearing eight months old, you will find my dog hysterical, and all the rest of us will just sit back and bask in the adorable baby laughs. Thanks, Achilles!

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