Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Baby

I know my most recent post was all about how Ellie is turning into such a big girl and all I can do is sit back and watch, BUT. Sometimes there are just those moments - when she crawls into my lap for comfort, or rests her head on my shoulder, or relaxes into my arms as she nurses - those moments that remind me that she's still a little baby. My little baby. Moments like this one we were lucky enough to enjoy last week, on a rare occasion when we were able to sneak a peek at her precious sleeping face:

Just a look at that sweet angel face reminds me a million times over of the many hours we spent together in her newborn days, with her nestled against me (the only way she would nap) as I watched her sleeping by my side. She doesn't need my company to sleep anymore, but she still is so small and so dear, just as she was from day one. Moments like these are great reminders that although she's growing up quite possibly a bit quicker than I'd like, she's still my little baby for now and all I can do is just stop and breathe in those moments and try to make sure they're catalogued in my memory forever.

My sweet sleepy baby.

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Lauren said...

She is just sooo cute :-)