Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby Cousins

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit with some family that we don't see very often, and in this case, hadn't seen since my family's reunion in August. First, my Aunt Rachel and Uncle Mark came to visit from Pittsburgh. They stayed with my mom for part of their trip and then with my Aunt Debbie (who lives about an hour south of us) for the rest. On their way from one place to another, they stopped in our neck of the woods for a nice dinner. Then, while they were still at Aunt Debbie's house, my cousin Molly (Debbie's daughter) and her son Santiago came for a week-long visit. So, Eric, Ellie and I headed down there early in the week to visit with all of these out-of-towners.

Given that the babies hadn't been together in almost six months, they had changed quite a bit since their last meeting! And last time, Ellie was in her prime "I hate everything" phase, so she spent some time scaring poor Santiago:

Four-month-old Ellie terrifying poor two-month-old Santiago at their last encounter

But Ellie is much more happy about life these days, and both kids are really growing up. It was great fun to watch them interact a little bit more this time...or at least, to be able to sit and play next to each other, rather than hanging out like the little blobs they were last time. Ha!

Now, just-about-nine-month-old Santiago and just-about-eleven-month-old Ellie at their more recent meeting.

Top: Hi there, cousin! / Holding hands/feet
Bottom: Techie babies! They're totally texting. / Playing with cell phones

And of course, the grown-ups had some fun with the kiddos, as well!

Top: Ellie and her Great Aunt Rachel / Santiago and his Nonnie / Ellie having fun with Auntie Molly and Great Aunt Debbie!
Bottom: Ellie playing with Great Uncle Mark / Santiago and Uncle Eric / Ellie getting her first piano lesson from Great Aunt Debbie

Santiago just wasn't sure what to make of Eric. He was willing to entertain the possibility of him, I suppose, but he wasn't convinced.

Aside from just visiting, the big event of the day was Santiago's first haircut. Unlike my (until recently) practically bald child, Santiago has been sporting quite the head of hair since he was a wee lad. So, Aunt Debbie's friend Joyce came over and did the honors. Overall, Santiago handled himself like a gentleman and when he started to get mad over this hair business, Ellie did her best to help see him through it.

Top: Haircut time! / He's not pleased.
Bottom: Joyce trimming up the sides / The magic of distraction!

It was a great visit, and I could just tell that by the end of the day, Ellie and Santiago were well on their way to being BFFs just like their mamas!

But, that wasn't all! Another baby cousin was yet to join the mix. Later that week Molly's husband Arturo joined them in Florida, and my cousin Jacob (Molly's brother), his wife Zita and their daughter Zazi came for the weekend as well. So, that Sunday, my mom picked the three of us up and we made another trip down to Venice to visit with all these family members (most notably, the babies).

The three babies last time, back in August...

...and now, six months later!

Once again, the babies played together...

Top: Ellie and Santiago sharing a drink / Ellie and Zazi playing in the house / Ellie checking out Zazi's pacifier
Bottom: Zazi and Santiago hanging out / Three babies on a blanket, all wanting the same toy (naturally) / Ellie and Zazi playing together

...and the adults got in on the fun, too.

Top: Me with Ellie, Molly and Zita / Molly and Santiago - he's such a big boy! / Jacob and Zazi / Ellie with Auntie Molly
Middle: Zazi playing with her Nonnie / Ellie getting kisses from her Grammy / Santiago riding in style / me spending some QT with my baby and my nephew!
Bottom: My mom having some fun with Santiago (who does not love it) and Ellie / Aunt Debbie with her grands / Molly and Santiago, Jacob and Zazi, and Ellie

And for the record, Santiago may have started to warm up to Eric a little bit, but at the end of the day, the verdict was still: Sketchy.

I get it, Santiago. He can be a lot to get used to. But he is good people! You'll come around!

Jacob, Zita and Zazi were flying back home to Boston that afternoon, and Molly drove them to the airport. So, when they all left, Eric, Ellie, my mom, Aunt Debbie and I took a walk to the beach for a bit. Ellie relaxed a little bit on the walk out there and then had some fun playing in the sand, as usual.

Top: Ellie sprawled out in the stroller / Ellie and me on the beach
Middle: Ellie strolling down to the water, princess-style / Debbie on the beach
Bottom: Me, my mom, Eric and Ellie

Pretty girl playing in the sand 

On the walk home, we passed a huge tree that was just calling Ellie's name. We just had to sit her in the nook for a quick photo op.

Ellie in a tree!

 What a sweetheart.

When we got back to Aunt Debbie's house, we said our good-byes and off we went. Poor Ellie was all tired out and passed right out in the car.

Sleepy girl

We had such a great visit with these family members. I think it's so awesome that my cousins both have kids so close in age to Ellie (all three babies were born within six months!). I hope that they all grow up to be as close as we are. Visits like this should definitely help!


Lauren said...

They are all so cute :-)

jessica renee said...

All of the pictures are so precious but the tree ones?! WOW. Frame those bad boys!! ;)