Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Beach Fun

Last Wednesday, my sister got a rare day off from her busy performance schedule and was kind enough to spend it with us. She was itching for some beach time, so we made plans to meet at our house around noon and then head out to the beach from there. Unfortunately, the day was slightly overcast and the breeze was a little cool, so it may not have been a perfect beach day (I'm sorry, northern friends, I know you want to punch me right now), but it was still quite nice. And hey, any February day that is at all beach-able is not a bad thing.

My dad had the day off too, so we all piled into his car and were off to Pass-A-Grille. We set up our blanket and our umbrella and got Ellie coated in baby sunblock with barely a moment to spare before she was off to the races. She wanted to crawl all over the place, even through the patches of shells that could not have been comfortable. Rather than dragging her leg through those rough spots, she got up into a downward-dog-type pose and walked on her hands and feet until she reached softer ground. Smart girl!

Proper sun protection is very important. Ellie recommends a wide-brimmed beach hat and baby sunblock, which can double as a tasty snack.

Ruffled butt in the air!

Making her way through the shells

Pausing to check everything out

Ellie was very into playing in the sand this time, and actually spent less time trying to eat it (although we did have to remain on alert.) Luckily, Eric and I had picked up a little bucket and shovel the day before and she had some fun with that. She particularly enjoyed picking up sand and putting it in the bucket.

Watching the sand fall through her fingers

Putting sand into her bucket

The shovel also serves as an awesome air guitar.

Playing in the sand with Grandpa

Ellie then made her way down towards the water to look at the shells with Aunt Heather.

Left: Examining their findings.
Right: Oops, looks like she used the shells to distract Aunt Heather so she could sneak some beachy goodness into her mouth. Very clever!

Of course, we also had to put our toes in the water for a quick minute.

I am the meanest mommy ever, tormenting my poor baby so.

Oh, she's okay.

After our time in the water we went back to our blanket to eat the sandwiches we brought for lunch, and a seagull promptly snatched mine right out of my hand. Stupid seagulls. Even NYC pigeons aren't so pushy!

Then it was back into the sand for some sand castle building fun with Auntie Heather. Ellie loved it.

Hard at work

Building (or destroying) the sand castle

Quick break to visit with Mama

Ta-da! Ellie's first sand castle!

After the sand castles, it was time for a little fun with Daddy....


Smooches from Daddy bring pure joy. (I totally get that.)

Piggyback ride!

...a family photo...

My sister, me, my baby and my dad

...and a little more Auntie Heather time before we packed everything up and headed home.

Ellie and Auntie Heather

They're BFFs already.


As much as I may miss New York, being able to spend an afternoon at the beach with my family sure is good for my soul. And Ellie seems to enjoy it, too!

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Jessica Renee said...

A day at the beach with your baby and family sounds like a blast!!

LOVE the ruffle butt! :)