Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Silver Lining for Achilles

When Ellie became mobile, it really threw Achilles for a loop. He has taken to softly growling at her if she even thinks about moving in his general direction, and sometimes when she really picks up speed around the house, he gets a little...well, horrified. The fact that her favorite way to interact with him is by pinching his face does not endear her to him any further.

Ellie, on the other hand, thinks Achilles is the greatest. Aside from pinching his face and grabbing his fur by the fistful, she now seeks him out when he's hiding under furniture (much to his dismay), squeals with delight when she sees him and has taken to trying to share her toys with him.

Lately, however, Achilles has come to learn that perhaps Ellie has some redeeming qualities after all. Namely, she is the member of the family most likely to share food with him, both unintentionally and purposefully. 

Ellie sharing her afternoon snack with her favorite dog

So maybe she isn't really so bad after all, eh, Achilles? How's that cracker?

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