Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let the Visits Begin!

When we first arrived in Florida, naturally getting out to see friends and family was a top priority. Life was crazy for weeks on end, but we tried to see as many people as we could, as quickly as we could. Now that things have settled down a bit we hope to see more of friends and family, too.

We saw my sister right away when we arrived, because she was doing a show in St. Petersburg and was able to stop by pretty regularly. We also had dinner with Eric's mother, Gramz, Kelley and Phyllis within a few days of our arrival in Florida. A week later, we were also able to have lunch with my mom and Gary, and their friends Wilma and Don. (Ellie has really become a restaurant pro these days!)

Grammy is happy to be so close to Ellie now!

We also took Ellie to meet Eric's childhood friend Ryan, his wife Amanda and their new baby Ethan. Ethan was born at the end of July, so there is about the same age difference between Ellie and Ethan as there is between Eric and me. Coincidence, or proof that they'll probably end up married? You decide.

Ellie making Ryan's acquaintance

Old friends with new babies. Both babies also happened to be wearing Gator gear, so I'm pretty sure the fates have spoken on this one.

We took Ellie to see her Great Grandma Baird pretty early on into our Florida life, as well. Ellie loves Great Grandma's place, with all the nooks and crannies to explore, the fuzzy stuffed elephant, and the air vent that she can pull up on and feel the breeze through her lustrous locks.

Fun with stuffed elephants

Oh, hello!

Come here, Great Grandma. Let me closely inspect your face.

One very special visit involved meeting our new nephew Charlie. Eric's brother Ronnie and his wife Stephanie were taking Charlie to meet Eric's mom for the first time, and we ended up tagging along for a visit and a shopping trip to Target before the holidays. It was so great to finally meet that sweet baby. He was born early and weighed only three pounds at birth, but by the time we met him, he weighed a little over what Ellie weighed when she was born. It was strange to hold him and think that Ellie was once that size! How time flies, right? Charlie is such a dear and we just loved meeting him and very much enjoyed our day out with the family.


Stephanie holding Ellie and me holding Charlie

Charlie and his Nonnie

Ellie and me sharing a lemonade at Target (I think the icy drink felt good on her poor teething gums)

Shopping and meeting family is exhausting!

As much as I may miss the hustle and bustle (and public transportation) of New York City, it really is nice to be so close to family and friends, especially for Ellie's sake - I love to watch her interacting with her relatives and forming relationships with them. That's one thing that the Big Apple just couldn't offer us, and it is so very special.


jessica renee said...

I'm so behind on my blog reading but so happy to finally have a chance to get up to date on your life!! :) I'm so happy things are going well in FL and that Ellie gets to spend so much time with family!

Lauren said...

So glad to hear you all are enjoying spending time with family :-)