Monday, July 2, 2012

Still Perfecting Her Modeling...

On Friday I posted a delightful photo of my adorable baby sitting on a chair, all prim and proper, posing for her official three-month photo. She's the perfect little baby model, am I right?

Well, yes, but she is still working on perfecting her craft.

First, her newfound ability to grasp, hold and move things has quickly developed into a love of lifting her dress up. Sometimes she eats it, sometimes it just goes up over her head. A formal photoshoot is no exception.

I'm worried she may have seen one too many commercials for Magic Mike.

We'll have to work on modesty later.

Also, she's so much better at holding her head up now (that's easy to see if you compare the two-month picture to the three-month picture), and that's all she wants to do now. Leaning your head against things is for BABIES, don't you know, and she has no time for such foolishness. But, her balance still leaves something to be desired (no matter what she thinks, she's still only three months old here), so she does some toppling.


Mom? A little help here? This gravity just popped up out of nowhere...

Or maybe she's not really falling over after all, but just wants to have a heart-to-heart with her gator buddy?

Come here often?

But hey, I'm sure even the modeling greats end up with some outtakes, right? And no matter what, she's awfully cute...even in blooper form!


Lauren said...

Oh gosh too cute outtakes haha :-)

Molly said...

This is adorable! I love the last pic :)

Jessica said...

The last pic is adorable!!! Let's hope for your sake that she gives up on the whole lifting up my dress thing at a young age. That way you don't have to experience the horror that I did last year at Mother's Day Tea when Em pulled her dress over her head in front of the entire class and their moms!!!

Becky said...

Literally in hysterics over these and the comments below the pics. Love them!! Love her!!