Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meghan a/k/a Mrs. W.

** Note: This is the first (and perhaps last) post prepared by someone other than the regular author. Although it is written directly to Meghan by her husband, it should serve to provide useful information about her for those who happen to drop by from time to time.**

Happy Birthday, Meghan!

As you turn thirty today, I know you will be reflecting on the three decades just completed, remembering the times well spent and looking forward to the exciting experiences that lay ahead.  One thing you may not be thinking about is the impression you have made on others over that time.  Therefore, I have asked many of your closest friends and relatives to list a few things they like or admire most about you or that they think make you special. The responses were surprisingly consistent.  What follows is a summary of the things that these people love the most about you as of today, the day you turn thirty.

  1. We love how much you love your family.  Cathy says she loves to read your blog because it is obvious how in love you are with Ellie and me.  She finds it refreshing to see someone with such an old fashioned view of marriage.  Molly points out that, despite the distance between you and most of your family, you always know what is going on in their lives.  Kristina mentioned that the pride, admiration and genuine love you have for your sister make her wish that her daughter will someday treat her sister the same way.  Your dad admires how you embrace the joys of family and Jess recognizes your deep love for your family.
  2. We love your great attitude.  Adam says that you are always positive and upbeat when he talks to you and Kristina W. admires, among other things, your eternal optimism and positivity. Fran and Molly also admire how you always look for the good in others.
  3. We love that you are a great writer.  Heather says your blog can make her both laugh out loud and cry her eyes out, while keeping her up-to-date and helping her get to know you even better.  Aunt Debbie describes your "amazing weblog" as engaging and entertaining, and the writing as articulate, funny and honest.  Molly finds it funny, informative and often touching.  On a related note, your mom has always been impressed by your command of the English language and remembers that you were forming full sentences at one-year old and composing short stories (and illustrations) by the age of three! I think you have a real gift for narration and have always appreciated your editorial advice.
  4. We love your sense of humor.  Aunt Rachel and Molly note that your phrasing of even the simplest things on the blog makes them laugh and Kristina says that the captions you write for your pictures often have her "rolling on the floor."  Erin likes that you have a sarcastic sense of humor and I like that you seem to laugh a lot.
  5. We love your attention to detail.  Your mom specifically remembers helping you plan an outfit for your first homecoming dance, complete with complementing dress, hair, nails, purse and shoes.  She also says that as early as four-years old you were choosing your own clothes and she remembers being impressed that they always matched.  I hope it goes without saying that you did an amazing job on our wedding, from the invitations to the flowers to the favors and everything in between.
  6. We love that you are very thoughtful, caring and kind.  Almost all of your friends and family used at least one of these words to describe you, including your mom and dad, Amanda, Aunt Debbie, Cathy, Erin, Jess, Leah, Lucia and Heather.  Molly says that you think of everyone and everything, no matter what is going on in your life.  I think the fact that most of these people did not include a specific example shows that thoughtfulness, caring and kindness are not just great traits you possess, but a deeper part of who you truly are.
  7. We love that you are a great listener.  Cathy appreciates that you always seem genuinely interested in her life.  Molly says there is no one that she has shared as much with over the years, and that you are always encouraging and supportive of her dreams, fears, frustrations, joys and sadness.  Kelley also described you as a great listener and Fran appreciates how you are always there to listen to the problems of others and offer to help in any way you can.  Erin agrees with Fran that you are never judgmental and can be trusted completely.  I agree with your mom that you possess a rare talent for empathy.
  8. We love that you give great advice.  Kelley says that she has always appreciated this about you and Molly is impressed at how you can be honest in your feedback and opinions, while being tactful to the point of never hurting her feelings.
  9. We love your creativity.  Aunt Jean says you have always been creative and Molly remembers how you were the designated drawer in the Cousins Club and that you spearheaded some of its greatest ideas and contributed memorable Reun' Tribune articles, HMM News and Radio topics and mermaid stories.  I still cannot believe you designed our wedding album and most of Ellie's nursery, and will forever cherish the photo books you have put together.
  10. We love that you are a great gift giver.  Heather says that you always seem to remember things that she mentioned months prior.  Molly expressed how much it meant to her that you sent one of Ellie's favorite books to Santiago with a sweet note about how excited she was to meet him.
  11. We love how you get the most out of life.  Molly says she does not know anyone else with a bucket list that actually crosses things off on a regular basis.  Erin loves to live vicariously through the things you talk about on Facebook and your blog because they give her fun stories to tell at parties (e.g., her cousin has a picture with Darren Criss!)  Kristina says that your love for life makes it seem like you never let a day go to waste and she admires how easy you make it look to have time for all the things you do.  Aunt Jean says that you have always lived life fully, from childhood sleepovers to now as a wife and mother.  Leah says you are fun to be around.  Jeff loves that you let us throw a half-eaten turkey off our thirteenth-floor balcony (and even took a picture!).  Amanda describes you as one of the most fun-loving people she knows, and says that she enjoyed stalking celebrities in the cold, getting kicked out of a bar for dancing and going into a chocolate coma with you.  Kalli gave a list that is too long to post here of the fun things you used to do together and says that you are an inspiration.
  12. We love that you are a great friend.  Although this should be obvious for many of the reasons set forth above and below and the fact that the contributors to this list span three decades and at least four states, several of your friends and family mentioned this separately, including Megan, Kelley, Kristina, Fran, Aunt Debbie and Lauren T.  Jeff describes you as a sweet and supportive friend and says he appreciated your helping him through a breakup on a long car trip.
  13. We love that you are well-rounded.  Uncle Mark is impressed that you are able to match great intelligence with a super personality.  Kristina W. summed it up well by saying that you are incredible when it comes to pretty much everything, including motherhood, sisterhood, daughterhood, wifing, blogging, writing, photography, celebrity stalking, etc.  I completely agree.
  14. We love that you are courageous.  Cathy is impressed that you were not afraid to share the downsides of early parenthood, even with the threat of criticism.  Jess and Erin are impressed by what you endured to give birth to Ellie.  You have never been afraid to try new things and it has been a joy to move around the country with you not knowing what is next.
  15. This one doesn't have a title, but I know you would want the list to end on a round number. Therefore, I will use this item to include some additional ways people describe you: loyal, gentle, gracious, accommodating, endearing, smart, one of the sweetest souls, stunning and "a gem."

I want to specifically thank the following friends and family for helping me with this project and for helping you become the amazing wife, mother and person you are today: your mom and dad, Heather, Molly, Erin, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Mark, Aunt Jean, Aunt Rachel, Adam, Megan, Kristina, Amanda, Jeff, Jess, Kelley, Fran, Kalli, Leah, Cathy, Lucia, Kristina W. and Lauren T.

Happy thirtieth birthday, Meghan! I cannot tell you how incredibly proud I am that you are my wife and how awesome it is to watch you raise our daughter.  You are my favorite, and it is pretty obvious that a lot of other people like you a lot, too. 


Molly said...

This is beautiful, Eric! Happy 30th, Meghan! Love you!

Lauren said...

Happy 30th Meghan, such a great post :-)

Kristina said...

I just now saw this and oh my goodness it made me tear up a bit. What an awesome thing to do, high five, Eric!!