Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Megan & Andy

I mentioned yesterday that we spent this past weekend in my old hometown of Cleveland, and the impetus for this trip was my friend Megan's beautiful wedding to a great guy named Andy.

Megan and I have been friends for a very long time (by my calculations, it has been about 23 years). We met when my family moved in across the street from her family, and Megan bravely came over to introduce herself to my shy self. We spent years playing together in my yard, having sleepovers, furnishing Megan & Meghan's Club (a little attic space in my room), dancing in my basement and all sorts of other fun things. I remember sitting behind the lilac bushes in my backyard with Megan, talking about what our weddings would be like someday. I remember Megan saying she wanted to wear a beautiful white gown and carry purple lilacs, while her bridesmaids wore purple gowns and carried white lilacs. Purple has always been Megan's color.

Well, nobody carried lilacs, but Megan's wedding turned out to be every bit as purple as she always planned. It was all just so very Megan.

Megan and Andy met a little over a year ago at a mutual friend's wedding reception. Megan has always had the highest standards for men, but she knew very quickly that Andy measured up. When I saw her last August, she was just giddy when she talked about him and you could easily tell how completely smitten she was. It seems the feeling was mutual, and Andy officially proposed on New Year's Eve (with a gorgeous amethyst ring, of course). Megan and Andy became husband and wife on June 23. I was (and still am!) so, so excited for them!

Eric and I arrived at the ceremony a little before the start time so I could go downstairs to see Megan before things got started. She had asked me to be a bridesmaid, but with Ellie and all that going on, I had to decline. However, she still let me keep VIP status so I could catch a sneak peek of her before the rest of the guests! I was so excited to see her and she looked so gorgeous. I was able to pray with her, her parents and the bridesmaids before rejoining Eric for the ceremony.

Pretty purple aisle, just waiting for the bride

Ever since my own wedding, I always love to watch the groom as the bride makes her grand entrance.

Andy's face when he first saw Megan coming down the aisle

Megan's uncle officiated, and he did a fantastic job. Her ceremony was probably the most moving, and certainly the most personal that I have ever been to. It started with Megan and Andy facing their guests, so that we could get a look at the happy couple right away, instead of having to wait until the very end like you usually do.

They're perfect!

Megan's uncle had asked each of them to write their own individual answers to a few questions, such as "what are you thankful for?" and "what qualities to you most admire in the other?" As part of his message, he read selections from their responses. They wrote such heartfelt things about each other. I loved hearing what Andy wrote about Megan, because I could nod along as he described my friend so perfectly. And I loved hearing what Megan wrote about Andy, because I don't know him very well yet and I loved hearing more about the man he is and what makes him so special to Megan.

After the message they exchanged vows, rings, and lit the unity candle.

Megan saying her vows

Exchanging rings

Lighting the unity candle

They also took Communion together, and then prayed quietly together. It was so beautiful to watch. God is so good to have brought these two together.



Before too long, it was official - they are husband and wife! They shared their first kiss and then exited the church to the rousing sound of bagpipes (again, very Megan!).

First kiss!

Outside, the guests lined the path from the church to their car to blow bubbles as they made their exit. What a wonderful day!

The new Mr. and Mrs.


And they're off!

We had a little bit of free time between the ceremony and the reception, so Eric and I hurried back to my grandpa's house to take care of Ellie. I have to mention that my mom also came to Cleveland for the weekend so she could see all of us, which was so nice. Especially nice was her willingness to babysit so that Eric and I could go to the wedding and reception sans baby. This was the first time we have both left Ellie, but we knew she was in good hands. Naturally, I thought about her constantly and missed her terribly, but it was also so nice to have an evening out with my husband.

All dressed up before the reception

My hair is done, I'm wearing real clothes, and I'm drinking wine amongst other adults. I NEEDED THAT.

The reception was held at the same venue where Megan and Andy first met, of course! And it was every bit as purple as I thought it would be, and again, very Megan.

Reception room

The cake, surrounded by trays of donuts. YES, DONUTS. Any wedding that involves donuts is a-okay in my book.

Candy buffet. I hit that bad boy HARD.

The newlyweds!

We enjoyed a lovely dinner (which I ate really fast - apparently having a baby has trained me to scarf down my food in record time), some wine, and all the festivities.

Cutting the cake

First dance and Father-Daughter Dance

Dancing the night away!

Us with the happy couple

Unfortunately, the night wore on and this mama needed to get home to her little one. My mom did a great job babysitting and Ellie was fast asleep when we got home (even despite some neighborhood fireworks!), but I wanted to relieve my mom from duty and rest my tired self. Sorry to have had to leave as early as we did, Meg!

It was definitely a fabulous wedding, and one I was so beside myself with joy to attend. Meg, I'm so glad to have had you as such a good friend for so many years, and I'm so happy that you've found the man of your dreams. I can't wait to get to know him better and to make more fun memories with the two of you as a couple. I wish you a lifetime of nothing but happiness and love! Congratulations!

Meghan and Megan!


Lauren said...

Such a gorgeous wedding and look fantastic! Love her sparkly dress and my sister carried the same color bouquet so pretty!!! :-)

Jessica said...

You look amazing!!! Looks like you had a great time! The wedding was beautiful!