Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Productive Weekend

Back to work today after another long weekend, boohoo. These recent three-day weekends have been marvelous, but the Tuesday mornings are rough. Let's just all quit our jobs and have non-stop long weekends, shall we?

Eric and I had a rather quiet weekend at home. In fact, thanks to his kindness in running errands and taking the dog out for me, I didn't leave the apartment once all weekend with the exception of a few minutes on Saturday morning. It was glorious, and not only because I could wear my most comfortable clothes all weekend, but also because it was wicked cold outside. We had some flurries on Saturday (nothing stuck, though), and on Sunday morning when my dear husband took the dog outside, it was -4 degrees with windchill. (At least, that's what the internet tells me, because I sure wasn't going out there to double check.) I prefer to at least have some degrees in my life rather than have less than zero degrees, so I was happy to be parked on the couch in my pajamas. My husband deserves an award.

Even the dog was feeling lazy all weekend. Here I caught him in one of the rare moments in which he was not glued to my hip, but instead chose a strange sleeping position on the couch. Please excuse his NSFW pose.

The weekend wasn't all just lounging and laziness, however. In fact, it was rather productive. On Saturday we took down all of our Christmas decorations (yes, finally) and got them all re-organized in their storage boxes. No small feat, my friends. Also, our glider was delivered on Saturday! Have I told you about this glider yet? Eric and I were researching gliders for the "nursery" and getting somewhat discouraged, because it seemed everything that had the features I wanted (something that both locks and reclines) was way out of our budget. Then, enter the Hoboken kids consignment store! That had a Dutailier reclining glider, with all the features I wanted, for an absolute steal, plus an additional 30% off! And, they offered to deliver it for us, because although Eric is awesome, there was no way he could carry that thing all the way home. So, they finally brought it by on Saturday and I heart it. I mean, it's pretty ugly, but I'll probably get a slipcover for it, and frankly, it's so comfortable, I don't care how ugly it is. I'm just excited to have a nice place to rock Baby Girl when she arrives!

Please pardon my chins. The new glider is great for comfort, but bad for chins.

Sunday, we started sorting through our clothes in the bedroom, throwing away or donating anything that was just taking up space. We're really doing our best to clear things out and make some room in our storage-challenged apartment, considering that in 10 weeks (!!!!!!) we'll be adding a whole extra person with a lot of stuff to our little one-bedroom. I think we made great progress in clearing things out, and we were able to move all of our clothes out of our lovely bookshelf/plastic drawers setup and into the new chest of drawers in the bedroom. We moved some things around and were able to clear a space for more baby furniture.

On Monday, we set up the next piece of baby furniture: the dresser/changing table. Eric did most of the work, of course, but I did help a little bit and Achilles supervised. Team effort! (I did thank Eric for assembling everything, of course, but also pointed out that I am busy assembling the child, so really, we're the same. Logic!)

The dresser!

This piece will hold all of Baby Girl's clothes and such, and we'll put a changing pad on top. I'm very pleased with how it looks, and now the only piece left to assemble is the crib! THAT is going to be crazy, I think. A crib makes it feel so real!

So that was our productive weekend. Our apartment is slowly taking shape and turning into a good home for Baby Girl, although there is still much to be done. My nesting instinct must be kicking in because I am very concerned that we're going to run out of time, and I want to do everything NOW. Hopefully all it will take is another productive weekend or two like this one and I will be able to calm down!

I'm 30 weeks pregnant today - just 10 more to go!


Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

Love the glider so cute and Achilles of course ;-) see you this weekend mama!!!

Jessica said...

The crib definitely makes it more real! I can't believe you only have 10 more weeks!

Jessica Renee said...
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Jessica Renee said...

Sounds like the perfect 3 day weekend to me! I loove the dresser and glider! Dutailier is such a good brand so that's awesome that it was a steal! It looks so comfy too! And you look so great by the way! :)