Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Extraordinary Day

Today marks six years since Eric asked me to be his wife.

That means that six years ago, I woke up with no idea what was going to happen that day, and went to work like it was any other day.

Six years ago, we stopped and picked up a casual dinner on our way out to walk around the monuments in D.C. at night, like we had done on many other nights before.

Six years ago, we walked along the Mall in the cold January temperatures, and I tried to stick my hand in Eric's pocket to keep warm. He jerked away and I thought nothing of it, because it was just another day.

Six years ago, we sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, just as we had done many times before, huddled under a blanket. We talked about life and the things we loved about each other.

Six years ago, Eric pushed that blanket aside, got down on his knee, pulled a ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him.

Six years ago, I cried.

And of course, six years ago, I said yes. My ordinary day had turned extraordinary, and I had never before been that happy.

Now, six years later, it has been one extraordinary day after another. We've shared a beautiful wedding, wonderful adventures, lots of laughs. Our lives are about to change yet again as we welcome our first child into our family in just a couple of months. And to think, just six years ago, I woke up thinking that day was just like any other day, with no idea what was in store for me. What a journey it has been!

Just two crazy kids in love, way back when in 2006!

Thanks for asking me the best question ever, Eric. You officially win at "ask me something or tell me something." I love you!


Jessica Renee said...

Aww I teared up reading this! I know y'all have definitely done a lot of new and exciting things in these 6 years and I'm sooo happy you get to add a little girl to that fun soon! :) Happy engagment anniversary!

Jessica said...

Happy Day to you!!! What a great post!

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

So adorable! :-)