Thursday, December 9, 2010

Molly's Wedding Eve

Day #5: Friday
The day before the Big Day!

Friday was a pretty relaxed day. Eric got up early with the intention of golfing with some of Arturo's family, but they ended up postponing that until Saturday. Heather and I slept in then ordered room service breakfast, a must after a late night like the night before. We nursed headaches, ate our breakfast and rehearsed our toast for Molly's wedding!

Room service breakfast (I told you everything comes with salsa)

When we were ready to rejoin the world, we got our bathing suits on and met up with everyone down on the beach. We spent the day relaxing, boogie boarding, eating delicious lunch, and talking over wedding plans with Molly.

VIDEO: My mom took this video of Uncle Peter, Eric and me playing in the waves!

We're so good at boogie boarding.

Cousins on the beach

Eric enjoying some lunch

Going over wedding logistics

The highlight of the afternoon was the dolphins - we saw several dolphins actually jumping out of the water! I've never seen them do that before (outside of Sea World, at least). It was very cool.



We hung out on the beach until it was time to get ready for the evening. That night Molly and Arturo were hosting a rehearsal dinner (minus the rehearsal) for family and close friends at Restaurant Kau-Kan in Zihuatanejo. This restaurant was amazing. They had a big table set up on this patio upstairs at the restaurant, with the most phenomenal view of Zihuatanejo Bay. I only wish our camera could have captured the view! The patio was decorated with lights and plants and it was all just very festive.

Heather in front of what was actually a rather incredible view

Eric, me and Heather at dinner

Me, Heather and Mom

Eric and me in front of the take-my-word-for-it,-it-was-totally-awesome view

Our meal was fantastic, definitely the best we had in Mexico. We started with a bottle of wine (naturally), and then they brought out some sort of salsa appetizer. Eric and I also ordered a clam appetizer, which was rather tasty. My mom tried the ceviche, which was also quite good. For our entrees, Eric and I both selected the Stuffed Potato (stuffed with lobster and shrimp in a garlic and basil sauce, YUM), and my mom and Heather tried the Stuffed Pear (similar dish to what we had, but on top of a pear). Others also tried the snapper, which they filleted tableside! For dessert Heather and I shared kiwi and raspberry sorbet. Delicioso!

Our clams (delicious on those skinny breadsticks)

My mom's ceviche, served in a cool shell

Filleting fish at the table

My stuffed potato


During the night Molly and Arturo also made some toasts and handed out gifts. Arturo's family brought lovely shot glasses from their hometown for everyone, and Molly and Arturo had gifts for their bridal party and family. Heather and I each received an awesome 2011 calendar Molly made with pictures of us through the years. She did a great job!

 Molly speaking to their guests

(photo by Molly's friend Bryce - he took great pics all weekend, and was kind enough to share!)

After the gifts, everyone sort of milled about for a while, chatting and enjoying the beautiful evening.

Another photo by Bryce

The girls! (also by Bryce)

After a while we took a cab back to the hotel to gather our things. We had planned to go from there to the wedding hotel to spend the night with Molly before the wedding, but it was so late by the time the rehearsal dinner really finished up that we decided to just stay put for the evening. So, we went right to sleep to rest up for the WEDDING DAY!

Coming up tomorrow: Molly and Arturo get hitched!

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