Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kelley and Christmas

As you know, Eric went to Florida last weekend for Kelley's graduation and Christmas with his family. From what I hear, he had a wonderful time, spent some very nice time with family, got to witness Kelley's big moment, and took some great pictures. I'm going to do my best to recap his weekend, but sadly, I wasn't there so this is not a firsthand account.

Eric got in to St. Petersburg on Thursday afternoon. That night, the whole family got together at Kelley's house for their Christmas celebration. They ate lasagna, exchanged gifts, and (judging by the photos) had a generally awesome time together.

Toni and Kelley

Photo fun with Toni! In the first pic, Eric told her to make a "scary face," in the second she made a "thoughtful face," and for the third, he just asked her, "what else ya got?" She's awesome!

Kelley and Susan serving up the lasagna

Kelley & Susan's pretty Christmas tree

Opening gifts (Susan, Ronnie, Kelley and Buzz)

Ronnie and Kelley

Stephanie seems to be enjoying herself!

Toni opening up a pair of fuzzy frog slippers from us

Modeling her new slippers (and Susan taking a picture)

Eric, Gramz and Meghan-on-a-Stick!

That night Eric, Kelley and Susan went to Largo Central Park to check out the Christmas lights.

Two turtledoves!

Christmas lights in Largo Central Park

Kelley and Susan having fun with statues

Joy to the world!

Friday morning Eric got up and went to a pancake breakfast with Gramz, and that afternoon he played golf with Ronnie. Not only did he play golf, though...he achieved a goal he set for himself this year! Eric broke 80! He shot a 79, and was so excited. Way to go, Eric! I knew you could do it! You're awesome!

 Eric's 79 scorecard!

That night Eric hung out with his friend Ryan, then went back to Gramz's house to rest up for Graduation Day.

Saturday morning was the Big Event: St. Petersburg College graduation at the First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks. I'm sure it was so great to hear Kelley's name be called, and walk her walk across the stage to receive her diploma. She even raised her arms in victory! Way to go, Kelley!

The college president speaking to the graduates

Graduation caps

See Kelley in there?

Heading up to get her diploma!

Walking across the stage

Way to go!

Diploma-hander-outer guy thought her victory move was so awesome, he had her do it again!

Proud family (with one missing!)

After the ceremony everyone met up for hugs and pictures.

Kelley and Toni

Kelley and Ronnie

Kelley, Suellen, Ron Sr. and Stephanie

Kelley and Susan

Great family photo

Kelley with her dad and Suellen

Kelley and Gramz - what a great picture!

Susan and Kelley

Awesome goofy siblings picture. Oh, brothers.

So cute!

After graduation, most of the family went out to IHOP for breakfast.

Kelley at IHOP


That night I think everybody just did their own thing. I know Eric, Kelley and Susan stopped by my dad's house to pick up some things from Heather, and Eric stopped to see my dad at his store and they had a nice long visit.

Sunday morning Eric and Ronnie played golf again.


Sunday afternoon was Kelley's graduation party at Chili's, which looks like it was a very nice time!

 At Chili's

Sweet moment between Toni and Ronnie

Ronnie and Stephanie


Kelley and her Momz

Doc, Susan, Kelley and Buzz

Sunday night Eric and Gramz did some shuffling.

Go, Gramz!

And that was about it for the visit! Eric had to get up early to catch a 7:00 a.m. flight back to NYC on Monday morning. He made it home without incident, and we spent the day together before going to The Nutcracker that night.

Congratulations again to Kelley! We're proud of you! And as always, thanks to all of the W. family who helped make Eric's visit home so wonderful. Hope to see you next time!


Molly said...

That is a beautiful family photo! Congratulations to Kelley!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Molly! And thanks to Meghan for the wonderful recap. See you soon!