Thursday, December 2, 2010

¡Bienvenidos a Mexico!

Let the Mexico recaps commence! As I mentioned, I'm going to write one new post per day, and each will cover one day in Mexico. I'm sure I could combine some things or organize it differently, but I just feel like this is the easiest way to keep posts well-organized and a manageable length. Feel free to skim/skip as you like; I won't be offended! But I do hope some of you will enjoy my reliving of our week in beautiful Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

Day 1: Monday
We've arrived!

We had a long but surprisingly easy commute to Mexico. Eric and I left for the airport at around 5:00 a.m. (uggghhhh) to catch our 6:30a.m. flight. We went to bed late and neither of us slept very well, probably because we were both worried about oversleeping and missing our flight. We set two different alarm clocks, just in case! But, no need to worry, we were awake in plenty of time. Our flight left on time, although we were flying around storms so there was a LOT of turbulence. We had hoped to sleep on the flight, but between the turbulence and the incessant "the seatbelt sign is on, we're experience turbulence, please be seated" announcements, sleeping really wasn't possible.

We had a plane change in Houston, where we met up with my sister Heather. She arrived in Houston from Tampa about 15 minutes after we got there, so we met her at her gate and all found our new gate together. Once again, our (tiny) flight took off on time. Before we knew it, we could see the coastline and mountains of Mexico out the window! We landed around 2:30 Central time and were super excited about it.

Our first look at Zihuatanejo Bay!

Beautiful mountains

¡Bienvenidos a Mexico! Welcome to Mexico!

After going through customs and getting our bags, we hit up an ATM for some pesos then took a cab to the resort. On the way there, we saw a couple of interesting things - a big pick-up truck with police in the back carrying huge guns, and a dad driving a scooter with the mom on the back, holding a kid on the side of her lap. So apparently the police are serious down there, but the child safety laws are not. Just FYI.

We stayed at the Dorado Pacifico Resort in Ixtapa, which was very nice. It was neat because the lobby was all open-air; there were no doors at the entrance. You walked right in, and there were glass elevators to take you up to your floor. The interior kind of reminded me of the Oberoi, where Eric stayed during his first trip to Mumbai.

El Dorado Pacifico

Looking up inside the hotel

As we were checking in, Molly and Arturo came to meet us. Molly gave us each a welcome bag, which contained all kinds of goodies for the week: a postcard, welcome book, brochures, sunblock, a tiny sombrero, etc. Very cute!

We then made our way up to our room on the 9th floor. The room itself was fairly standard, but the view was great!

Our room

Our view

My favorite part of the room (other than the view): towel animals. Here is our towel animal wearing a festive sombrero (courtesy of our welcome bag!)

We dropped our luggage off and got right down to business: bathing suits on and head to the pool! We met up with Molly, Arturo, Jacob (Molly's brother), Zita (Jacob's wife), and Molly's friend Chris there. We ordered some lunch (shrimp and fish quesadillas) and some beers and got ourselves settled in to life in Mexico.

Cheers to Mexico!

By the pool

Lunch! FYI, everything comes with salsa. Everything.

Yay, Molly!

After relaxing for a while, we went up to Molly and Arturo's suite (which was gorgeous) for a bit, where Molly gave Heather and me part of our bridesmaids' gifts: adorable monogrammed bags stuffed with all kinds of goodies, like bath stuff, notepads, sleep masks, purple flip flops, and sunglasses. We were so spoiled!

We then went down to the beach to catch the sunset. Some of the group played in the waves, but Heather, Eric and I stayed on dry land and just watched. It was really spectacular.

Molly, Jacob and Arturo in the water


Eric in the Pacific

Heather watching the sunset

Yay, sunset!

I should mention that stepping into the Pacific Ocean crossed one-fifth of an item off my bucket list: put my toes in all five oceans. The Pacific was a new one for me!

After sunset we went back up to our various rooms to shower and get ready for dinner. Right across the street from the resort is a nice square with tons of restaurants, so we went over there and wandered around until we settled on a restaurant called Maria Bonita. They set up a table for all of us and we settled in with margaritas. Heather was super excited because they brought out a special stand for her purse! How awesome is that? We need those in the States!


Heather's purse stand

The couple of the week

Me, Zita, Jacob, Arturo, Molly, Chris and Eric. Not pictured: Heather, the photographer!

For dinner, I had the Plato de Mexico, which consisted of tacos, enchiladas, chile relleno, and a quesadilla. Yum. Eric had shrimp fajitas. Also yum.

My Mexican Plate

Eric's shrimp fajitas

It was at dinner that we got our first taste of "Mexican time." Dinners in Mexico were loooooonnnnggg. Everything is slow. It was quite an adjustment from New York, that's for sure. But, we were in good company with good food and good drinks, so who's complaining? (Besides Eric, of course.)

In front of the restaurant after dinner

By the time dinner was over, we were beat. All that traveling really takes a lot out of you, and we had fun plans for the next day. So, we went back up to the room and fell asleep pretty quickly. We had to rest up for Day #2!

Two exhausted people!

Coming up tomorrow: Day #2 on Ixtapa Island! Stay tuned!

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