Sunday, December 12, 2010


Day #7: Sunday

Sunday morning we slept in a little, then got dressed and went down to the dining area for breakfast. Everyone was down there already, and we had a delicious breakfast of fruit, eggs, jam, bread and orange juice.

Eric, Heather and me at breakfast
(I stole this photo from Chris!)

Mmm, breakfast!

After breakfast Heather, Eric, Molly and I walked down to the water for a bit, and spent some time enjoying the scenery.

 Cousins by the water

With Casa Kau-Kan behind us

We then packed up our stuff, said our good-byes to Molly and Arturo (and everyone else staying put at Casa Kau-Kan), and took a cab back to Dorado Pacifico. We had to re-check-in, so we got a new room. Heather moved into my mom's room, and Eric and I moved up to a more modern room on the 12th floor.

The door of our room - so friendly!

Our new room

Towel swans sharing a sombrero

The view from our new room

We got our bathing suits on and went down to the beach to find my mom. We found her sitting with friends Bryce and Laura, and we set up camp there. We pretty much spent the entire afternoon parked in beach chairs, dozing in and out. It had been an exhausting week!

At the beach

We stayed out on the beach until the sun went down, then went in to get ready for our last dinner in Mexico.

Our last sunset

We went to dinner at an Italian restaurant across the street. Our dinners with a million people were a thing of the past, and this time it was just eight of us (our family and Bryce and Laura, and Melissa and Justin). We finished dinner and got the check paid in record time! After dinner we walked down the street for some ice cream.

Little ice cream shop

Eric enjoying a strawberry ice cream bar dipped in chocolate and sprinkles

We then went back to the hotel and split ways to pack and head to bed. We were absolutely exhausted!

My family in the lobby of the hotel

Day #8: Monday
Time to go!

Monday morning we got up and ready and met Heather and my mom in the lobby. We walked across the street to Chili Beans for breakfast, where I had some rather tasty french toast and potatoes. Our last meal in Mexico!

Chili Beans


We returned to the hotel to finish packing up, then met in the lobby to catch a cab to the airport. We made it through customs in plenty of time, and did a little duty-free shopping before boarding our plane.

Farewell, hotel! Our last towel animal!

Heather, Mom, Eric and I were all on the same flight back to Houston, and then we split ways there. We had a bit of a mad dash through customs in Houston - note to self: an hour and a half is just barely sufficient for an international layover in that airport! We did have time to stop for a quick lunch, then bid farewell to Mom and Heather and headed back to New York. We arrived around 8:30 that evening, and took a cab back to home sweet home. We retrieved Achilles from "camp" the next morning.

And that was our trip! We had a great time! Thanks to Molly and Arturo for giving us a reason to travel to a new, beautiful place. We had some great experiences, spent some wonderful time with family and met some awesome new people. It was a great trip!

In addition to all the wedding pictures, I also have ALL of our Mexico pictures on my photo share site, if you want to see any more! And now, back to regular life!

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