Monday, August 4, 2008

Let Teddy Win!

Yesterday Eric and I spent the afternoon at a Washington Nationals baseball game. The Nationals just built a new stadium this year, and I hadn't been there yet. We had a gorgeous day for baseball - it was a bit hot, but there was a nice breeze. And the stadium was really nice! I loved the views of DC landmarks from certain areas of the park, like the Capitol and the Washington Monument.

Entrance to Nationals Park (and a super good-looking guy in the foreground)

Inside Nationals Park - Check out the view of the Capitol through the opening in the stadium!

They also have some pretty neat features, like a full bar behind the scoreboard, a "Play Station" with lots of video games to play, batting cages that make it look like a real pitcher is pitching the ball to you, a Build-A-Bear shop, and my favorite DC burger joint (now expanding across the country): Five Guys. 

The bar behind the scoreboard

The video game station to the left, and Build-A-Bear to the right

Five Guys! So good. If you haven't had it yet, find one near you and go there immediately.

When we got to the stadium, we walked around a bit, got some lunch, then found our seats. While we were doing all this, we missed the first inning, which was the only inning in which the Nats actually scored. They scored four runs in the first inning! And we missed it. (They ended up winning 4-2.) Oh, well.

Our seats were under the far side of the scoreboard

Play ball!

A handsome man amongst the baseball

Me at the game (still sporting my free Indians hat!)

We may have missed all the home run action, but that was okay, because what I REALLY wanted to see while we were there was the President's Race! At every game, there is a President's Race in the fourth inning. Four Presidents race around the field: Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt. This has become a big deal, because Teddy has NEVER WON the race. As a result, there is now a big "Let Teddy Win" movement going on, complete with blogs, T-shirts, the whole bit. For example, there is a Let Teddy Win blog where you can check out President's Race facts, standings, videos, and pictures. You can also order all sorts of "Let Teddy Win" paraphernalia online, such as T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, yard signs, etc. It's really a very serious issue.

So, the President's Race is a big deal at every game because you never know, each game could be the BIG GAME where Teddy actually wins! Sadly, we were not so lucky as to see Teddy's first victory. He started off the race in the lead, but as he neared the finish line he became distracted by a large panda, who he stopped to dance and chat with, allowing Lincoln to come in for the win. Oh, Teddy. You have to focus!

The Presidents racing. Teddy is already getting distracted.

Oh, Teddy. Talking to pandas won't win the race!

After the President's race, Eric and I went off in search of a Presidential photo-op!

Us with Abe, George, Teddy, and Tom

We ended up staying until the end of the 8th inning before heading out, in a futile attempt to beat the big crowds at the Metro. It was a great afternoon!

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