Thursday, April 14, 2016

More March

We had tons more fun in March, in addition to all the Easter celebrating!

We checked out the new Destination: Dino exhibit at the zoo during a member preview:

You wouldn't know it from these pictures, but the kids were actually pretty scared of it.

We toured a local Publix with friends from my moms' group, which included tasting buttercream at the bakery, eating apples in produce, touching a fish in the seafood department, waving to the guy stocking the milk and trying our hands at the cash register:

Publix tour!

We voted in the primaries:

E.J. was very helpful.

E.J. had another Nature's Newbies at the zoo, and he and I went early to have a little lunch date (he LOVED that!). In class, we met a snake that E.J. was intrigued by, but mostly he just kept a safe distance.

Hot dog and french fries and Mama all to himself! Pretty fancy!

He did touch it, but mostly just whined and ran to the other side of the room!

E.J. and I also shared some fun times at the playground while Ellie was in school!

He's looking so big!

When Ellie wasn't in school, she took to decorating her brother with stickers...

I heard E.J.'s little voice calling, "Help! Help!" from the other room, and came to find this. Poor little guy.

...and, to be honest, Ellie and I did a lot of this:

This comic spoke to me in March, as this conversation happened verbatim on several occasions. 

But she also spent more than her fair share of time being the sweetest:

"Look, Mama! I drew you a picture! It's a sun, like you sing [You Are My] Sunshine to me!"

Sweet girl!

We met the Frozen folks at Chick-Fil-A...

The LOVED it.

...splashed in the fountains at the Landing...


...hit the playground together...

E.J. swinging in silhouette

...and journeyed to a galaxy far, far away:

My little Rey and BB-8!

We went to storytime and art class at the Main Library, and checked out the Peeps Invasion at Sweet Pete's:

One kid loved the Peeps, the other...not so much.

Grammy came to visit...

Walking with Grammy

...and we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with her, starting with an Irish breakfast at the Landing...

St. Patrick's Day downtown!

...and continuing with beef stew and festive hat-making, which got mixed reviews.


Grammy stayed for a long weekend while Eric went to Washington D.C. for an interview, and he was able to see a few of our old haunts and scope out some cherry blossoms.

The Georgetown Law campus, cherry blossoms, inside the Capitol, & Chinatown

The kids and I spent a morning at MOSH and enjoyed some ice cream by the river:

After our trip to the space center, they were very excited to see the space exhibit at MOSH!

They're both much happier than they're letting on, I promise.

We met Cookie Mouse (of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie fame) at storytime:

They live for meeting characters.

And, E.J. had an opportunity to try out a new "natural playspace" at the zoo:

Painting with nature, water play and climbing through the tunnel

Phew! It sure is nice to be out of that post-holiday activity lull we were stuck in through January and February! We're excited to be busy again!

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