Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Catch-Up

Most of our very busy summer has already been shared here as I recapped all the individual events of the past few months, but lest anything slip through the cracks, I figured one final "this was our summer" catch-all post was in order.

So, in addition to all that other stuff I've been going on and on about since June, here is what we did this summer:

E.J. really got into climbing on things, which means I have a lot of heart attacks.



That's just our coffee table. Whatevs.

At least he's remorseful.

In the toy box, naturally.

Who needs coffee to start your day when you can have an epic adrenaline rush?

We went for a few bike rides, mostly just to the park.

Riding together in the trailer

Ellie's turn to ride on the front child seat with me!

E.J. had a turn, too!

Ellie fell deeply in love with her bike helmet and wore it all over the place for a while.

Flying like a bee at the playground. This was the most normal place she wore it. She got a lot of stares at Publix, that's for sure.

She also dressed super-awesomely in general.

Batman shirt, pencil socks, Elsa shoes.

Rapunzel dress and wig, pencil socks again, Doc McStuffins shoes.

Bathing suit, skirt, and sunglasses inside. Killing it.

In more "normal" clothing news, I bought her this "ladybug" skirt and she became obsessed with being a ladybug for a few days (the girl has focus, that's for sure).

Cute little ladybug

E.J., meanwhile, was the world's cutest Ninja Turtle.

Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtles!

E.J. had his one-year well visit with the doctor, which went (mostly) well. His weight is improving (though he's still a peanut) but there were some concerns about his iron levels, which we'll be following up on tomorrow (this kid just likes to keep me on my toes).


Ellie totally nailing a game of hide and seek in the exam room while we waited.

Ellie was a sweet little mama to her baby doll and brought her everywhere with us for a while (see baby pictured in her toy carseat in the above photo, too).

Babies wearing babies!

We went to the zoo and saw the jaguar playing with a ball in the water. Those crazy jaguars!

So cool.

We went on lots of family walks—when the weather allowed it!

By the river!

I celebrated my 33rd birthday!

Happy birthday to me!

My birthday gift from my sister: a woven wrap inspired by the book The Little Prince

We bought Ellie a new backpack for school...before learning she's not supposed to bring a backpack to school. Oopsie.

But she looks totally awesome, at least.

Rapunzel also got a new "Pascal."

She loves that little "'meleon."

Speaking of backpacks, E.J. wore a tiny little one and it was the cutest thing that ever happened.

Stop it.

Ellie and I had a "Girls' Day Out" to see Inside Out in the theater! We had a great time.

Movie time!


Ellie also had her preschool orientation this week! First official day is tomorrow! (Stay tuned for a sappy post about that, I'm sure!)

Looking good, kiddo!

Meeting the class pet (beta fish)

And that's officially it! Summer 2015 is in the books!

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