Friday, September 12, 2014

Wild, Sporty Labor Day Weekend

I'm a tad behind in my recap posting! We had a busy week this week, thanks to a very nice visit from my Dad for the better part of it. But isn't it just the worst when living life gets in the way of writing about it? I mean, geez.

But anyway. We had a really fun Labor Day weekend that I wanted to share with you! The weekend included two firsts for E.J., both sporting event related: his first football game, and his first baseball game! It's the beginning of something great, my friends.

We kicked things off Friday night with a trip to Eric's school to watch their football team in their home opener. As you may recall, Ellie and I were regulars at the high school football games last year, so we could cheer Eric on as he stood on the sidelines as a coach. This year, Eric took a break from coaching, so we were able to all go together. We found a seat near the band (because as Ellie said in no uncertain terms: "You like football. I like band." Sorry, Eric!) and stayed until halftime. The good guys actually ended up winning, so yay! And E.J. was totally riveted...or, you know, sleeping.

At the game with Eric this year!

Or rather, at the game with TWO Erics this year!

E.J. at his first football game!

On Saturday we spent the morning at the zoo. Not much new to report there, just your usual: Florida heat, fun, lions, tigers, bears.

Eric and Ellie at the zoo

In the butterfly exhibit

He's coming right for us!

Watching the tigers ("Like Daniel, Mama!")

A monkey

The carousel: Ellie's favorite part of the zoo

We all spent the day sporting our Gators best in honor of the first Gator game of the season (only to be sorely disappointed when the game was eventually called for lightning). But hey, at least we had two of the most adorable little Gator fans you ever did see to admire all day.

Orange and blue never looked better.

Sunday we just ran some errands, which included Ellie looking oh-so-toddler-ish in the shoe aisle of Target.

Superman shirt paired with glass slippers. That's just her style.

On Monday (Labor Day itself) we went to a Jacksonville Suns game and had a great time. The kids lasted for eight innings! That must be a record. We were super impressed when Ellie made it for five innings at her first game at four months old, but E.J. is apparently quite the baseball fan to endure all that time in this heat. We ate hot dogs in the outfield, played at the playground, hung out with Southpaw, cooled off with ice cream and watched the Suns beat the Mobile BayBears to win their division. Go Suns!

First baseball game as a family of four!

Watching some baseball, all decked out in her Suns colors

Hugs for Southpaw

E.J.'s first baseball game! I think he loves it.

Handsome little guy!

Suns win!

After the game the kids were welcome to run the bases, so Ellie and Eric gave that a try. Ellie was not too sure about the whole thing until Eric jumped in and joined her, then they happily ran to first then second. After rounding second base, there was a bit of a dispute as to which way to go: Eric recommended continuing on to third base, while Ellie insisted on a return to first. Hence, Ellie got carried the rest of the way. Still, not too shabby for a first base run! (There's video here if you'd like to watch the whole thing unfold.)

Let's do this!

Nope. That's the wrong way.


Which way to go next?

This way!

We just had so much fun. I love being able to spend time like this with my family!

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