Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rays v. Yankees

I mentioned in my last post that we spent the a LOT of time last weekend in the Bronx. We went to the zoo on Saturday, then on Sunday we made the trip back up there to see the Tampa Bay Rays play the Yankees.

We went to a Rays v. Yankees game in September, but that was the old Yankee Stadium, you see. This time around we got to see the new one. (Eric was more excited about this than I was, naturally. Another cup for his baseball stadium souvenir cup collection!) The new stadium is much nicer, in my opinion. It's much more open and, well, newer. Obviously. We did a little bit of walking around to check it out before finding our seats.

Eric in front of the new Yankee Stadium

Hard Rock Cafe at Yankee Stadium

Banners depicting the Yankee greats hang right inside the stadium

Retired numbers on the wall

This place serves steak sandwiches that are supposed to be amazing. We didn't try them this time around, but look at all that meat!

Handsome baseball-loving husband. Note the Rays hat! Yay! So much more attractive than a Yankees hat.

I don't have a Rays hat. I tried to wear Rays colors, though.

After a little walking around, we found our seats to watch the game. It was looking good for the Rays for a while - they were up 3-1 at the start of the 8th inning, but then it turned into a big mess involving loaded bases, a walked home run, an get the picture. The Rays ended up losing 4-3. Boo. You know I have never seen them win in person? What's that about?

Regardless, it was still a nice day for a baseball game, so a pleasant afternoon. That beer and hot dog I enjoyed didn't hurt things, either.

Welcome to Yankee Stadium

The field

The scoreboards

Derek Jeter at bat

After the game we stopped for a photo-op before catching the train back to our beloved borough of Manhattan.

Say cheese!

What a fun weekend out and about! Hopefully this coming weekend will be enjoyable, too. We lucked out last weekend with the weather - it rained all week leading up to the weekend, and has been raining ever since. Hopefully the rain will clear out again by the time Saturday rolls around.

On a related note, do you have any idea how LOUD and powerful thunder sounds when the storm is right on top of you, and it is echoing through big buildings? We had our first NYC thunderstorm on Monday night, and it was incredible. There was no way to sleep through that. It was crazy.

Hope you all are having a nice week!

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Joy said...

GO RAYS! We are going to Denver next week to see the Rays play the Rockies. I am so excited! Glad you had fun even if the Rays didn't win.