Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Taste of Tennis

Yesterday I met Eric for lunch (Chipotle, yum) and then we went to Rockefeller Center because he had been telling me about the setup they had there in honor of Wimbledon. I'm not any kind of tennis fan, but it was pretty cool! Check it out...

They had a whole tennis court set up, and you could wait your turn to play. Eric said when they first set it up earlier this week, it was actually green grass. I guess too much rain (have I mentioned the rain?) and too many tennis-playing New Yorkers changed that, though.

Tennis court in Rockefeller Center - behind it, you can see the flags that circle the Plaza.

A different view of the tennis court

They also had grand-stand seating set up in front of a huge TV showing live coverage from Wimbledon.

Watching tennis in Rockefeller Center

The TV (and VIP seating in the front)

There was also a station with Grand Slam Tennis (video game) set up so people could play.

I like the guys in their work clothes playing tennis video games on their lunch break!

And for a taste of a traditional Wimbledon treat, they had carts handing out free strawberries and cream. It made a great dessert after our Chipotle lunch!

Chowing down on some strawberries and cream

And of course, no sporting event setup like this would be complete without a photobooth so you could take your picture with the trophy:

Look at that! Eric is the men's champion, and I'm the women's champ. Isn't that funny how that worked out?

Fancy, eh? New York is so random (but fun) sometimes.

Also, last night when Eric was walking home from work we had an epic thunderstorm. Torrential rain, loud thunder, crazy zigzag lighting, the works. Eric actually had to stop mid-walk and find shelter under the overhang at "Wicked" for a while. It was crazy! But then when it cleared up, we had a really awesome sky to watch. First we thought it was cool because the sun was out in Jersey, so it was lighting up the buildings while they still had a dark sky behind them:

Looking east/southeast

Looking east

Then as the sunset wore on, we got some really cool cotton-ball clouds. I've seen lots of pictures posted online of this sky today (some even calling it "Apocolyptic"), so apparently other people thought it was pretty cool too.

Pink cotton-ball sky

Fancy, no?

Hope you all have a nice weekend! We're going to be out and about making preparations for our trip!

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Dad said...

I had no idea after reading your beach post, that there would be so much more news in only a couple of days. I love the Wimbledon thing. Didja know that isn't the name of where they play tennis? Trivia time for Mr Waters.

I almost sent you some Florida beach sand, but figured that by the time you got it you would be on your way towards Hungary and then Scottish sand. :o)