Friday, May 22, 2009

Fleet Week

Fleet Week in NYC is underway! In case you are not familiar with this yearly occasion, Fleet Week always takes place around Memorial Day, to honor the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. During that time, Navy and Coast Guard ships, as well as ships from all over the world, dock in New York and the sailors descend on our fair city. There are lots of events to enjoy during Fleet Week, including ship tours, competitions, ceremonies and concerts. Plus, if you are a girl who likes a man in uniform (and let's be honest, what girl doesn't?), there is lots of eye candy for your viewing pleasure. So, you know, it's fun.

This is not my first experience with Fleet Week. Two years ago, Eric was a summer associate at his firm, so he spent the summer in NYC. I came up from D.C. to visit as often as I could, and one of my visits was during Fleet Week/Memorial Day weekend. We took advantage of all the Fleet Week happenings, plus some of our own sight-seeing, and that weekend was probably one of my favorites of all the times I visited.

Fleet Week 2007: Me holding an M16 during Marine Day in Times Square. I think I look awfully tough.

Also from Fleet Week 2007: Me aboard the USS Wasp, which we were able to tour for free

Can you believe it has already been two full years since Eric spent his summer here? I can't. That summer was one of my most favorite summers ever, which is odd because Eric and I were in different cities. But I loved visiting him - we always had such a wonderful time. And the summer ended with our wedding, so you know, that bumps it up there in my book. Wow. Two years already.

Anyway, back to the present day! Fleet Week was kicked off on Wednesday with the Parade of Ships on the Hudson River. Eric was at work, but Achilles and I went to our nearby Hudson River Park to check it out. We were there way too early, but the weather was gorgeous so we didn't mind sitting and waiting. That park is really nice, so it was great to just be outside in the sunshine, near the water.

People watching the ships at Hudson River Park

Looking back at the park from the water

We ended up waiting for about an hour for things to get going, and then finally the ships started sailing on by. There was also a military flyover, and a couple other cool planes going overhead to keep us entertained. Although frankly, Achilles was much more interested in the honking geese roaming around the park than the ships or planes.


A ship!

Trying to zoom in to get a shot of the helicopter on the back of the ship. Also, if you look closely, you can see the little men in their white uniforms lining the deck.

More planes

Another ship, and one of Achilles' geese friends in the foreground

Enjoying the sunshine

Weather-permitting, we're hoping to participate in some of the other Fleet Week events this weekend, including a USMC Band concert in Central Park tomorrow. Should be fun! Of course, the rain is predicted to return, but we'll just hope that doesn't happen.

Do you all have fun plans for the long weekend and Memorial Day? In addition to the Fleet Week happenings, I'm looking forward to Memorial Day because my sister Heather and her boyfriend Rick will be visiting! They're getting into town Sunday evening and will stay through Tuesday morning. Not sure what all we'll do while they're here, but I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Enjoy the long weekend, everyone!

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