Friday, July 15, 2016

June 2016

I have a few posts in the works about June-specific events (namely, traveling a bit and visiting with family), but here's what else we were up to in June:

We kicked off the month with a morning at the Orange Park Kids Fest, which we went to two years ago (when I was massively pregnant with E.J.) and really enjoyed. We had a great time this year, too. The kids made some crafts, went for a train ride, played mini golf, completed a My Gym obstacle course and rode on a fire truck and construction equipment. Ellie also got a "princess makeover" and posed for a photo with some princesses, and we ended the outing with some time on the playground, mostly enjoying the tandem swings.

Fun at the Orange Park Kids Fest

I had some work to do from a mock trial that kept me pretty busy for the better part of two weeks (and is still on-going, yay!), but luckily it started right as Eric wrapped up his school year, so he was around to take over the child entertainment while I worked. They hit some storytimes and playgrounds and everyone seemed to have a very nice time.

Storytime at the library

A little light reading

Meeting Curious George at Barnes & Noble

Playing at the Town Center
Taking a break to smell the flowers

During one week of my work, Ellie was in Vacation Bible School, which she loved. As I mentioned in a previous post, they had themed dress-up days each day. My personal favorite was Crazy Hair Day, for which I was able to whip up a little rainbow creation, thanks to some last-minute Pinteresting and pipe cleaners.

Rainbow hair!

The rainbow hairdo also led to Ellie's discovery of and subsequent love affair with "doggy piggies." These higher pigtails have become a summer staple!

Our two doggies

Continuing on the subject of Ellie's hair, we also had our first adventure with curlers (or rather, curl formers) and she was quite pleased with the results.

She was so excited

Pretty girl!

We also hit the zoo a couple of times, both just for general fun and for their "Zoom at the Zoo" event the day before Father's Day. The kids (E.J. especially) loved climbing on all the trucks, tractors, police cars and motorcycles!

Checking our gorilla wingspans

E.J. loves it!

Ellie liked it, but at times it was a bit loud for her taste.

Playing with Daddy

In other exciting Father's Day weekend news, THE CAVS WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP! My little Parmanian heart was so happy. I watched the final minutes of the game through my fingers, too tense to really believe it could happen, and cried actual happy tears when it did. How exciting for Cleveland! Of course, E.J. and I had to represent my home town around Jacksonville the next day.

Go Cleveland!

I also got to spend some quality time with best girl on our Girls' Day Out to see Finding Dory at the San Marco Theater. Ellie has wanted to see a movie at that theater for months, but they only show one movie at a time and it has always been "grown up movies." I told her that if they ever showed a kid movie, I would take her there. Well, they showed Finding Dory, so off we went! We walked out there, ate a ton of popcorn, drank some lemonade, enjoyed the movie (Ellie really empathized with Dory, she really impressed me), then had some fun playing in Balis Park afterwards. It was a great afternoon!

Fun times with my best girl

That was our June in a nutshell, minus our St. Pete/Venice visits! It was a nice month!

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