Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Other Halloween Fun

Trick or treat!

I mentioned earlier this week that we really stretched out our Halloween fun this year, and took part in a myriad other celebrations. Most of them allowed the kids to get more wear out of their costumes, so that was a bonus!

The first event was a Halloween picnic in Hemming Park. I got the kids suited up and we took the train over for the festivities, which included a MyGym play station, painting, free cookies, a little Halloween parade around the park and trick-or-treating at the vendor tables. This was Ellie's first taste of trick-or-treating this year and man, was she hooked.

Rapunzel and Pascal on the Jacksonville Skyway

Just looking amazing.

Painting a paper pumpkin

Flips with MyGym


Taking a break to eat some candy by the shark

Poor sweaty little Pascal!

We also went to the Zoo Spooktacular again this year, and had a nice time. Ellie was able to get her first use of the glowing feature of her Rapunzel dress, and we did some more trick-or-treating. Ellie got a little nervous in the "spooky" part of the zoo (the Nightmare Before Christmas-themed portion), but for the most part, both kids enjoyed it.

E.J. was so tickled by Woodstock!

High five for koala bear

With Wendy and Tinkerbell

"That candy better have come from E.J.'s bucket, woman."

For another round of trick-or-treating, we went to trunk-or-treat at Ellie's preschool church. That was such a nice event! People went all out with their trunks and treats (E.J. was especially fond of a Thomas the Train-themed one), and they served fun food for cheap. The kids enjoyed trick-or-treating and then playing in the pumpkin patch.

Trunk or treat!

Cute little pumpkin!

The day before Halloween we went downtown for a Halloween-themed storytime at the Main Library which included not only the usual storytime, but also a parade around the library and a Halloween craft. Then we went back out to Hemming Park and the surrounding area for Trick or Treat In The Street, which was trick-or-treating at local businesses. We didn't last long, because naptime, but still had a nice time. Trick-or-Treat In The Street would probably be really fun if you could devote some time to it and really walk around and get a feel for the downtown area and check out some of the local establishments. Mental note for next year!

E.J. making a Halloween mask at library art class

Ellie trick-or-treating in a restaurant on Laura Street

The night before Halloween we ditched the costumes in favor of some more comfortable Halloween wear and went to San Marco Square for the Halloween/FL-GA Bash in Balis Park. We had a great time! They had live music and food and beer for purchase, plus a FL-GA cornhole tournament and trick-or-treating at surrounding businesses. Ellie loved dancing to the bluegrass music and E.J. just wanted to walk all around the park holding my hand, so that was highly enjoyable for me, too!

I was able to get Ellie out of her Rapunzel dress by promising her she could wear her black cat dress with her kitty ears and—the kicker!—I would put whiskers on her. She was OBSESSED.

Cute little mummy!

Festive signage at the entrance to San Marco Square

The lions were looking rather nice for the occasion too!

Ellie and Eric dancing to the live music

Walking with E.J.

And that was it! Quite the Halloween Spectacular, eh? We really know how to get our money's worth out of a holiday. Bring it on, Christmas!

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