Monday, June 1, 2015

Our Growing Beach Babe

I was looking through pictures the other day and our Mother's Day beach pictures caught my attention because Ellie just looked so grown up. I couldn't help but go back and make a little collage of Ellie pictures, all taken on Jacksonville beach since we've moved here:

Left: Ellie at the beach just after we moved here, in August 2013 (16  months old).
Middle: Ellie at the beach right before E.J. was born, in June 2014 (nearly 27 months old)
Right: Ellie at the beach this past Mother's Day, 2015 (3 years old)

Can you believe how she's changed? I still feel like we only just recently moved to Jacksonville, but as I type this Eric is at his school's graduation—the second that has taken place since he started teaching. Last Friday he attended his own "graduation," or rather, his "alumni induction" for Teach for America. Somehow, we are already at the end of Eric's two-year teaching commitment. We will have lived in Jacksonville for two years as of this summer. So, it's no wonder my baby girl has grown from a wobbly little baby into a toddler into a kid in that time. It's just funny to stop for a moment and let yourself see it happening right before your eyes.

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