Friday, January 28, 2011

My Rebuttal

Okay, snow. It's on.

Snow tricked me into thinking it was all gorgeous yesterday during my peaceful walk through Central Park. But then, you see, you exit the park and get back out on to the New York City streets. And it's a slushy, icy, wet, sloppy, nasty mess. I was reminded of that as I trekked back and forth to work today.

I will admit I loved my Central Park walk yesterday, and I am still rather excited to share all those pretty pictures with you. But as soon as I stepped out of the park, I had to climb across snowbanks that were already turning black and nasty, wade through icy puddles of slush, and even got sprayed by a passing car as I waited on a curb to cross a street, just like a character in a movie who is having a bad day. GAH-ROSS.

So, to present my counterargument to yesterday's lovely winter wonderland photo, I bring you these pictures, taken on around town yesterday:

Wading through slush to cross the street along Fifth Avenue

More crossing the street through nastiness

Nasty ice slush puddle at the curb (and this is a relatively small one - some are so big, no matter how long your legs are, you can't jump over it. So, your options are 1) Wade through, or 2) climb a snowbank.)

And sometimes, the curb hasn't been cleared at all. This huge snow pile is clearly blocking my access to that crosswalk. I'm just trying to get home, snow!

And for the record, my snow boots have also decided they are over this nonsense. They officially went on strike during my outing yesterday morning. I sprung a leak in each boot and had rather wet socks by the time I got home.



Dad said...

That snow will fool you every time. Such a pretty costume it wears at time to hide its nasty side.

MrsSMS523 said...

Ewww, very messy and yucky. Don't worry, just a little bit longer and Spring will be here.

Following Forward said...

that sure is gross, but I'd still take yucky snowy slush in NYC! Enjoy it! :)