Monday, July 12, 2010

A New Yorky Day With Jeff

This weekend, our friend Jeff visited us from D.C. and we had a really great time. We did lots of fun things!

Jeff arrived on Friday, and Eric met up with him as he left work. The boys walked back to our side of town together, stopping to take a picture of Kristin Chenoweth on the way! They caught her as she was going into the Broadway Theater for the evening performance of Promises, Promises. Jeff had just been commenting about how he never sees celebrities, and then there she was!

Kristin Chenoweth posing with a fan outside the theater

That night we picked up some Daisy May's BBQ and went to Movie Night on the deck of the Intrepid, which we did a couple times last summer, too. This time we saw Ghostbusters, which I had never seen before! It was very crowded - the line to get in was longer than I have ever seen it. We did make it in, but we were pretty far back from the screen. It still was a good time, though. I just love outdoor movies, because they're so casual and everyone is so into it - they cheer for the good guys, boo the bad guys and applaud at the end. As it should be!

On the deck of the Intrepid, with the movie screen on the right

I love to look back at the skyline as the sun sets!

A funny thing happened during the movie, too - at the climax, the screen either deflated or fell over! It took them a couple minutes to fix it, but they did, and then rewound the movie to the appropriate point. Technical difficulties!

On Saturday, we all slept in a bit then went out to brunch at our favorite local diner. After brunch we spent some time relaxing at the apartment, and then the boys headed out to Queens to play miniature golf and try to get tickets to that afternoon's Mets game.

Eric miniature golfing

I am told this putt of Jeff's went in, although it doesn't look promising in the picture.

Eric at Citi Field

This dog appears to be a Mets fan.

Unfortunately, the only remaining Mets tickets were pretty pricey, so the boys headed back to Manhattan. They took the train to Bryant Park, where they improvised a new fun plan: pick up cupcakes from Crumbs (always a good time) and then play free ping pong in Bryant Park!

Ping pong in Bryant Park

From there they walked back towards home, but on their way stopped at Broadway Barks in Shubert Alley. Broadway Barks is an animal charity event started by Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore to promote the adoption of shelter animals. It really is quite an event, with many Broadway stars coming out to support the cause and adorable animals galore. The boys spent some time doing some celebrity sightings: they saw Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore, of course, plus Cheyenne Jackson, Tony Goldwyn, Corbin Bleu, Tony Shalhoub, and Sean Hayes. Achilles and I also came out to meet up with them and check it all out. As an adopted shelter dog himself, Achilles seemed pleased to be out there supporting the cause and his fellow shelter dogs.

Achilles at Broadway Barks

Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters

Sean Hayes

Achilles made a new, very snazzily-dressed friend!

I would like to adopt this dog, please.

Tony Shalhoub

Corbin Bleu

Cheyenne Jackson (we recognized him from 30 Rock, which again I will say - if you are not watching that show, you should be!)

After Broadway Barks we went home and ordered a pizza for dinner, then spent the night relaxing at the apartment. It was a busy day!

We had another really fun day on Sunday, but I'll save that for my next post! Stay tuned!

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