Friday, November 20, 2009

"I Love You"

I wanted to interrupt my recapping frenzy to tell you about some of the great positive signs Toni has been giving us lately!

From what we hear, some great things have been happening. The other day, she reached out for Uncle Steve's hand as he was leaving. She also pulled brother Ronnie down for a hug. Yesterday she was out of bed and sitting in a chair. And the coolest thing, in my opinion, is that yesterday she was able to write "I Love You" on a piece of paper:

The lines next to the "u" in "you" (looks kind of like a "v") were meant to be underneath for emphasis. She MEANS it!

It's so wonderful to see signs of the Toni we know and love making a comeback. She's such a strong woman, so I know that if anyone could beat this whole thing, she's the one to do it. She is nothing short of amazing.

I still wish so much that we could be there while all this is going on - I would so love to get a hug from her myself! But, I'm just glad to hear of these positive developments and am thankful to sister Kelley for keeping us up-to-date, complete with pictures.

I know, of course, that there is still a long road ahead. I am still trying to keep my optimism cautious, but it is so great to have this hope that we may just get our Toni back. What a blessing.

Thanks again for all your prayers - please continue to pray for Toni!

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