Saturday, October 29, 2016

Summer Road Trip, Pt. 6: Pinehurst, NC

We left Cleveland early on Monday, August 8th and made the 8.5-hour drive to Pinehurst, NC, arriving at our hotel around dinner time. We stayed in the same hotel we've stayed at for past trips, and it served us very well yet again! Of course, it didn't hurt that we arrived right at "free wine and cheese happy hour time."

Passing through three more states on our journey: West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina

All we did Monday night was cook a little dinner and get the kids in bed, after which Eric and I hung out and watched more Olympics. The Olympics are so good, right?

The next morning, we slept in late enough to miss the hotel breakfast (HALLELUIA, thank you vacation gods!), so Eric grabbed some Dunkin Donuts for us and then we all went to the hotel pool for a bit.

Swimming with E.J.

Ellie liked this fountain!

We didn't stay long at the pool because we were checking out that morning, so we got dried off and loaded up the car and then went over to the golf course for a little fun. The kids tried their hands at a little putting, and Eric got a couple of shots in, too (that is, when E.J. wasn't stealing golf balls mid-roll).

Thistle Dhu putting course

Looking so golf-y!

E.J. mid-theft

Such concentration!

Taking in that North Carolina sunshine

Lessons from Daddy

Ellie on the putting course

Eric, the kids and Putter Boy

After our golf outing we had some lunch at the clubhouse. I think I can safely say it's the first time I've ordered a hot dog (for the kids) at a place with linen napkins! After lunch we enjoyed the scenery a bit, then loaded back up into the car and hit the road for Florida.

E.J. using said linen napkin as a bib

Trophies outside the dining room

A beautiful day at Pinehurst!

The kids enjoying the rocking chairs

Us, too!

We arrived back at our blue house late evening, having driven through a good bit of rain in Georgia and Florida. But, we made it safe and sound, after a very long trip! It was a great vacation, but it was also good to be home!

Our final three states: South Carolina, Georgia and Florida!

We drove 2,277 miles on this trip, and spent over 39 full hours in the car! Our kids are rockstars.

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