Tuesday, February 2, 2016

November 2015

I figured I'd kick off my triumphant return to the blog with one of those more general recaps I was talking about because, hey. We had a really great holiday season!

Spoiler alert: the kids were adorable in November. E.J. melted my heart into a giant puddle when he wanted to wear his Mickey in Ellie's ring sling, and somehow he is turning into quite a little boy (no longer a baby)!

Babywearing E.J.


As for Ellie, she continued to rock her trademark fashion sense in her free time, when she wasn't busy taking painfully sweet school pictures.

Looking amazing, as always.

Ellie's first school picture!

Our month got off to a great start with a day spent in Gainesville for the UF Homecoming Parade. We had a great time taking the kids around campus to all our old haunts!

W. Family in Gainesville - Go Gators!

Heather came to visit and she and I got to have lunch out, just the two of us! We even had some margaritas. Heeeey.

Just living the dream.

We finally made it out to the St. Johns Town Center for their Christmas tree lighting! They had live music, an appearance by Santa and fireworks, which Ellie handled quite well thanks to her "ear mouse."

Let's light up that Christmas tree!

Eric and I got to have a date night to see the new Hunger Games movie, thanks to a visit from my mom!

Also, we found a movie theater with a bar and recliners. So. LET'S DO THIS.

While my mom was in town, we also had a little "girls' night out" for movie night at the zoo. We got to ride the carousel, pet the stingrays, enjoy a BBQ dinner and watch Finding Nemo on the Great Lawn. Ellie was quite tickled about being out at the zoo after dark!

Girls' night!

Ellie had her first school program! She played the part of the turkey in the school Thanksgiving skit (while dressed as a pilgrim), and afterwards we were able to stay for a "feast" in her classroom. It was adorable and she did great!

Ellie's Thanksgiving program, including her list of things she's thankful for. Don't mind my weeping over here.

We went down to St. Petersburg for Thanksgiving, where we enjoyed a tasty feast at my dad's house followed by dessert at Kelley's house with Eric's family, including new baby Summer.

Top: Dinner with my dad and Heather, including Ellie pointing at the one thing on that whole table she would willingly eat: rolls.
Bottom: E.J. meeting new cousin Summer, and Ellie loving on cousin Colton.

After all our feasting, we helped my dad trim his Christmas tree. It was nice to have Heather here for all of that this year, and it was E.J.'s first true exposure to the wonder of the Miss Piggy ornament.

Papa's house is ready for Christmas!

The day after Thanksgiving, Heather treated us to a day at Busch Gardens (via some free passes she had), and we had a great day there.

Busch Gardens!

Busch Gardens highlights included meeting Elmo...

The kids are SO HAPPY right now.

...Ellie actually going on stage (by herself!) during the Christmas show...

You might look at this photo and think she's a natural at being on stage, but just you wait. I have more recaps to come.

...and taking in another (excellent!) show in the company of Tony Dungy.

E.J. just kicking it with Tony

And of course, we wrapped up November by dusting off our Christmas spirit! Bring it on, December!

These festive children are ready for some more holiday fun!

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