Monday, March 23, 2015

In Case You Wondered: I Am Not Pregnant.

I felt that needed to be said, because I have not posted anything on the blog since E.J.'s 8-month letter, which went up almost three weeks ago. Three weeks of radio silence!

When I was newly pregnant with E.J., my first-trimester nausea and fatigue made for some quiet days around here on this ol' blog. When I announced my pregnancy, quite a few people responded with something along the lines of: "I knew it! Your blog was so quiet, I knew something was going on! I figured you must be pregnant!"

So, let the record show: I AM NOT PREGNANT. Sorry to disappoint! My excuse is far less exciting. I've just been busy.

We've had a super busy March. I posted E.J.'s last letter while also working like crazy on a mock trial that occupied all my free time (and then some) for the better part of two weeks. As soon as that was over, I had a ton of work to do to prep for Ellie's birthday party, which was held last Sunday, March 15. That was also Eric's spring break, so we spent some time in St. Petersburg and then went to Disney World for a few days and then just kind of hung out at home. So things have been a bit hectic. This week we're preparing for my dad's visit over the weekend, as well as Ellie's third birthday (WHAT). So I wish I could say my posts will pick back up, but it may still be a bit.

When I do come back, though, I will be back with a vengeance! That seems to be my modus operandi these days, doesn't it? Radio silence for a while as we do a billion things, then relentless posting as I try to catch up. It's tough to stay on top of my blogging anymore. Two kids equals less free time, and the free time I do have is used for household chores, other more pressing projects, and sometimes, just sitting. The blog does tend to get pushed to the backburner.

I have considered hanging up my blogging hat, but I do really like having this record of our lives so I'm going to keep trying to keep up with it until it really becomes too much of an unnecessary hassle. So don't give up on me! I like having all of our activities recorded for posterity - it just may not be done in quite as timely a manner as it was in the pre-kid days.

So, when I get over this hump of craziness, I will have lots to share. Here's a little sneak preview to whet your appetite:

Ellie and I had a mother-daughter "Girls' Night Out" at Chick-Fil-A!

We went to the zoo - SHOCKING.

We went to "A Day Out With Thomas," which both kids loved! (Can't you tell by their faces in this photo?)

We had some fun with old ballet costumes (that once belonged to my sister and me) during our St. Pete visit

We figured out a new strategy to get E.J. to eat. It's not my favorite thing, because...well, look at him. I'll fill you in soon!

We had a great Doc McStuffins-themed birthday party for Ellie!

E.J. was an adorable wee Irish lad on his first St. Patrick's Day.


Ellie was also reunited with an old friend this weekend!

See? Lots of fun things! Stay tuned!

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